Jessie Ware: “Share It All”

There’s a moment in Jessie Ware’s brand new track “Share It All” where my eyes got all wide and I was like wow and its around the 40second mark where it gets all underwater blissful and just incredible. Any worries about the sophomore slump should be over after hearing this and “Tough Love” because Jessie’s new album is set to be just as good as Devotion, maybe better?

New album, called Tough Love is out soon.



disCOVER: Years and Years “Breathe (Blu Cantrell Cover)”

Years and Years impressed with “Real" earlier this year and then again with "Take Shelter" that had a euro pop/house music kind of vibe. They fit in with that Disclosure/Joel Compass/The Neighbourhood/MNEK vibe that’s very popular right now and they’ve cemented this with their take on that early 00s rnb/hip hop JAM "Breathe" by legends Blu Cantrell feat. Sean Paul.

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SBTRKT: “New Dorp, New York ft. Ezra Koenig”


What a collaboration. You’ve got SBTRKT’s way around a lo fi ambient beat and Vampire Weekend’s Ezra Koenig unmistakable vocals weaving around each other to make this industrial sounding track from SBTRKT’s upcoming sophomore album Wonder Where We Land.

Excuse Annie Mac at the beginning, but there’s no clean edit just yet…

Remix Baby: Owl City “Fireflies (SMLE Remix)”

Remember Owl City’s “Fireflies” it was so inoffensively charming of course it made it around the world but chances are you’ve forgotten about it and maybe for good reason… Either way, here’s a remix that breathes fresh life into the track with warm underwater synths and gorgeous breaks.

You can’t be in a bad mood while listening to this.

FREE DOWNLOAD yo and check out this original track “Everyday

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Wye Oak: “Glory”

I’ve only just gotten into Wye Oak but I’ve fallen in love with “Glory”, man that chorus just does something to me, it’s freaking amazing. The Baltimore duo have gone a more synthy direction on this new album Shriek, and you know how I feel about synth pop…

Holy Ghost!: “Okay”

I’ve found a new synth pop outfit to add to my favourites (Ghost Beach, Magic Man, Strange Talk) and it is Brooklyn duo Holy Ghost! They make fun summer synth pop and basically I’m a fan, especially of this one “Okay”.

"Okay" comes from the album Dynamics, info here. They’ve also done a sweet cover of Drake’s “Hold On, We’re Going Home”.

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Remix Baby: Lorde “Tennis Court (Diplo’s Andre Agassi Remix)”

Lorde and Diplo have been hanging out and as a result we have this remix of “Tennis Court” adding some fun buzzy synths, classic Diplo percussion and summer time vibes. Not too shabby. 

Tove Lo: “Habits (Stay High)”

Tove Lo is gearing up to be one of pop’s biggest stars after being behind some of pop’s catchiest and best songs (Girls Aloud “Something New” for instance). The Swedish (but of course it’s Scandi Pop) singer/songwriter is making a name for herself on tracks such as “Over”, “Not On Drugs" and "Habits (Stay High)". She’s interesting because while she can belt out a life affirming ballad like the Sia-esque "Over" or dance floor happy on the Lucas Nord feature "Run On Love”, she can also switch things up and talk about sex clubs on the lo fi pop jam “Habits (Stay High)”. Definitely keep an eye on this one.

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Strange Talk: “Morning Sun”


This is another song that I’ve been listening to a lot recently thanks to a discovery in a film (That Awkward Moment). It’s a perfect piece of synth pop and it’s basically soundtracking my summer. Enjoy. 

Strange Talk are from (but of course) Melbourne, Aus., and the rest of their stuff is pretty damn good too, listen here.

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Body Language: “4 Real”

Haven’t heard too much from Brooklyn four piece Body Language in a couple of years so it’s pretty fun to hear this new one. “4 Real” is a shimmery summer pop rnb jam, with stop and start drums and a killer hook of a chorus. Turn this one up LOUD.

Like Passion Pit and AlunaGeorge mixed up together…

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