Shura: “Indecision”

Earlier this year Shura came out with the laid back early 90s rnb track “Touch" and it sounded fantastic. Now we have "Indecision" which is a more uptempo 80s pop jam that sort of sounds like Paula Abdul, Madonna and Whitney.

Check out the low key ballad “Just Once”. 




Paperwhite: “Pieces”

One of my favourite new bands of 2014 has been brother/sister 80s synth pop duo Paperwhite, hooking me with “Magic” and keeping me excited with every new thing I hear. Add to this “Pieces”, a afro pop tinged track with amazing vocals from Kate and as always aces production.

Coming from their just announced debut EP Magic, out November 17. 

Bored Nothing: “We Lied”

After a bit of a slow synthy start, Bored Nothing’s “We Lied” launches into a brilliant piece of indie pop with nostalgic Americana guitars and dreamy vocals. If you like Wild Nothing, Washed Out, Teen Daze, Best Coast…

Bored Nothing: WebsiteFacebook



Remix Baby: Alt- J “Hunger On The Pine (The Golden Pony Remix)”

Nice little remix of Alt-J’s “Hunger On The Pine” from The Golden Pony who switch and chop up the vocals into a fast moving high tempo dance track. Love it.

Available for FREE DOWNLOAD. Check out their other remixes too like this one of Dr. Dre and this one of Outkast.

The Golden Pony: FacebookTwitterSoundcloud



disCOVER: Gorgon City “Doing It Wrong (Drake Cover)”

Gorgon City have had quite the year so far with hits like “Ready For Your Love” making major noise and their critically acclaimed debut album Sirens. Here’s their take on Drake’s soulful “Doing It Wrong” with vocals from LIV. They’ve turned around the song into an uptempo deep house cut, it’s good but man it’s missing that Stevie Wonder harmonica something terrible. 

Grab Sirens here



Blood Cultures: “Indian Summer”

The Hood Internet just released their latest mixtape full of dope mah ups which is worth a listen in it self, so go ahead and do that here.

While that loads or whatever let’s check out one of the tracks that they use to mash up with Missy E, Blood Culture’s “Indian Summer” a hazy synth pop dreamscape jam full of delicious arpeggio runs and dreamy poolside synths.

Blood Cultures: Soundcloud



Childish Gambino: Kauai

I like to test out a new album on my commute to work and that’s what I did with Childish Gambino’s new EP Kauai, the second half to a mixtape STN MTN that I haven’t listened to… yet.

Let’s focus on Kauai though because damn this is good. For me, Childish Gambino has never fully hit it out the park, always falling short from being absolutely great but now, wow, on Kauai I’m fully on board. The singing sounds so much more comfortable, the raps are on point and razor sharp - and the beats? The 80s rnb synth funk that’s going on is amazing - real Dev Hynes/Theophilus London vibes.

And even the strange Jaden Smith spoken word bits fit…



Remix Baby: José Gonzålez “Heartbeats (Filous & Mount Remix)”

Remember that sony advert with the bouncy balls and that song that blew up from it, Jose Gonzales’ cover of The Knife’s “Heartbeats”- yeah, it was aces. 

Here’s a deep house remix of it breathing some beautiful fresh life into it, because let’s never forget how good this song is. 

Austrian producer Filous seems to make pretty damn good remixes of indie folk songs, like this one of Damien Jarudo’s “Ohio

Filous: Website…FacebookTwitterSoundclou



Attaque: “Change Your Mind”

Late night lo fi electronica along the lines of M83, Vancouver Sleep Clinic, Active Child, Blackbird Blackbird and such. It’s airy ethereal vocals mix perfectly with the frenetic percussion on “Change Your Mind” to make quite the powerfully beautiful soundscape.

Only You" is rather nice too. 

Attaque: WebsiteFacebookTwitterSoundcloud

Little Daylight “My Life (Friend Edit)”

Fun piece of guitar synth pop from Brooklyn’s Little Daylights featuring vocals from Young Rising Sons and ITYLTS faves The Griswolds.