Touch Sensitive: “Pizza Guy”

I left soundcloud playing and when I came back to my computer and put on my headphones this sublime piece of electro synth pop was playing from Touch Sensitive. “Pizza Guy” is that song you play to get you that little bit hyped for a night out, its full of possibilities with those hopeful synth arpeggios and sped up chopped vocals. Let’s see what tonight brings…

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Midnight Pool Party: “If You Were Mine”

First thing, these guys have picked an awesome name to go by and then they follow that up with this disco funk jam “If You Were Mine”. If you’re into Toro Y Moi, Chromeo or Miami Horror then you’re gonna like this.

Ooh, this breakdown is pretty fun!


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Sunbeam Sound Machine: “Real Life”

There’s something quite Cocteau Twins esque about the opening to Sunbeam Sound Machine’s “Real Life” before it explodes into a dreamy ethereal soundscape of psychadelic pop along the lines of their fellow Aussies Tame Impala. It feels steeped in sunshine and as summer is finally over its nice to hear this to try and grab onto those last few sun rays.

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Saint Motel: “Cold Cold Man” & “My Type”

I caught Saint Motel’s super cool single “My Type” the other day and immediately thought it was by Jungle because it had that cool funk soul thing going on. Thinking it was on the same vibe as Jungle I was pleasantly surprised to hear “Cold Cold Man”, an indie pop jam more like Magic Man, Passion Pit, Local Natives with an infectiously happy piano riffs and lots of nice ‘whoa’ bits for good measure.

Both tracks are from their new EP, grab here.

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Odessa: “I Will Be There”

I heard this today on a new pilot for Fox “Red Band Society” about kids in a children’s hopsital, it was actually not as depressing as it sounds. At the end of the episode one of the kids, whose about to have his leg amputated cause of cancer, asks this girl to a last dance and this is the song they dance to and its rather nice.

"I Will Be There" is a slow and steady piece with a beautiful vocal and gorgeous pianos. 

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The Griswolds: “If You Wanna Stay”

I don’t think The Griswolds have come out with a not good song from their upcoming album Be Impressive because this new one “If You Wanna Stay” is a soaring piece of synth pop that will plaster a smile across your face for sure.

Be Impressive is out August 25th (day after my birthday, don’t all rush at once).

INTERVIEW: Paperwhite

So a couple months back I was introduced to a brother/sister 80s synth pop outfit out of Brooklyn by the name of Paperwhite, their song “Magic” on instant repeat. They’ve been Hype Machine’s most blogged about and with a few more amazing synth pop jams under their belt (“Take Me Back”, “Got Me Goin”) the duo are set to move on to bigger and better things. I chatted to Ben and Katie about the 80s synth pop resurgence, the best place to grab a philly cheese steak and what their favourite colour of paper was…

So click play and have a read…

Who are Paperwhite and how did Paperwhite happen?

We are Katie and Ben Marshall, a brother and sister duo based in Brooklyn! We have been collaborating on music together throughout the years and we gradually started creating this new sound that we now call Paperwhite. We’ve found that a certain mix of Ben’s production style and my songwriting creates this sound. It all happened very naturally and we’re excited about where it will take us! -Katie

Who’s the older one out of you two, how does that dynamic work out?

Ben is three and a half years older than I am. I’ve always looked up to both of my brothers. (Our brother Sam is a musician as well) Ben has been in the industry longer than I have so I always appreciate and respect his insight and opinions on not only our music but the scene in general. Its really nice to be able to create something with your big bro! -Katie

You’ve obviously got a lot of love for 80s pop, what makes it special for you?

For me, it’s the production aesthetic mixed with great songwriting. There’s something really nice about analog synthesizers and drum machines that really blends nicely with “heart felt” songwriting. -Ben

Who would you say your main influences were?

I would say I draw inspiration from a lot of electronic music. Older bands like Daft Punk, Depeche Mode, Madonna, as well as new bands like Kate Boy, Astr, Broods, Chvrches etc. -Ben

I’m really inspired by artists with a great understanding for melody. Artists like Stevie Wonder, Marvin Gaye and more recent musicians like Beyonce and Janelle Monae are all people that stand out to me. -Katie

You’re based in Brooklyn and there are a lot of 80s synth pop artists around, what sets you apart? Who are you a fan of?

It’s hard to answer this question without sounding like I’m putting other music down. I think we always try to strike a balance of a “cool” aesthetic/production, but the difference being that we always focus on the song as the most important element. There’s tons of great electronic music out there, but not all of them are “great songs”. -Ben

We’re huge fans of a lot of our friends here in NYC. St Lucia, Panama Wedding and Betty Who are a few of our favs. -Katie

Why do you think 80 synth style pop is having such a moment… at the moment?

I think electronic music in general is having a moment. If you look at some of the most legendary synthesizers and drum machines, they’re almost all from the early 80s. So unless you’re doing everything in the box and using all softsynths, you’re probably going to grab some old Juno or something on ebay. Those classic synth sounds are so signature, and they inspire a certain type of writing and production.

Do the lyrics or the music come first?

The music almost always comes first. I feel that the music you write inspires a certain mood. I try not to write lyrics prematurely because having the aesthetic of the song and the story you’re telling align is very important to us, -Katie

Do you have any songs on repeat at the moment or any artists that you’re redonk excited about to hear more?

I was fairly obsessed with Cazzette’s “Sleepless” for a bit. I’d love to hear more new music from them. -Ben

I’m definitely excited to hear more from ASTR!! Their song “Operate” is one of my favorites to jam out to in the car. Looking forward to what’s next.  -Katie

Originally from Philly, where’s the best cheese steak?

Steves Prince of Steak!

Ben, you play drums for Savoir Adore, how is being Paperwhite different?

They’re very different projects. Savoir Adore is a very collaborative, almost “collective” like project. There’s five people in the band, and the music is much more organic. Paperwhite on the other hand is just Katie, a computer, synthesizers and myself. We have a different process and the end result is much more electronic driven. -Ben

I know this is a tough question, and subject to change, but what do you think would be the last song/album you’d want to listen to before…you know… you were gone?

Daft Punk Discovery -Ben

Oh, this is tough. Esperanza Spalding’s album Esperanza is one of my favorite albums ever. It puts me in such a happy place. So I think that might be it! -Katie

Let’s say i’m putting on a star studded super summer festival, who would you pick for headliners?

I saw Janelle Monae recently and she absolutely blew me away. She would definitely be my first pick! -Katie

Would you rather have a puppy sized elephant or an elephant sized puppy?

Elephant sized puppy for sure. That would just be crazy! -Ben

Another tough question! I love elephants so having a mini one would be pretty amazing but I think having a giant puppy you could ride around on would be epic. So giant puppy it is! -Katie

Katy Perry recently wore a pizza onesie which apparently was a pretty big deal, if your music could be styled into a onesie, what onesie would it be?

One of our favourite shows is Adventure Time. We love everything about it, including their awesome electronic jams throughout out the show. Any Adventure Time onesies around? -Katie

What is your favourite colour of paper?

Lets get fancy with some of our favorite colors in general! How about some turquoise paper? -Katie

My favorite color is purple, but purple is probably not easy to write on… -Ben

You were Hype Machine’s most blogged about artist, how does that feel and do you manage to catch most of the coverage?

It feels great to know how much support we’ve been getting from blogs, fans, and everyone really. We are pretty much glued to our phones/computers during release weeks trying to keep up with all the lovely things being written about the project. -Ben

What’s next for Paperwhite? An EP, a Full Length???

I don’t want to pre-maturely promise anything, but we’re currently writing a bunch of new music in the hopes of having an EP ready soon! -Ben

And as this is I Think You’ll Like This Song, what song do you think I should check out?

I’m a huge fan of Kate Boy, so I’d have to say go check out their new single calle “Self Control” -Ben



Remix Baby: Lucius “Turn It Around (The Reflex Revision)”

I kinda feel bad sometimes when I find the remix before the original because no doubt I’ve fallen in love with the remix and its the original that feels like the shadow. My apoloies Lucius cause this is what has happened with “Turn It Around” and The Reflex Revision mix. I’ve gone back and listened to the original and I do like it but I can’t love it more than the mix with its hop along organ punches and those big heavy drums. The heart wants what the heart wants.

Listen to the original though.

Remix Baby: St. Lucia “Elevate (Hugo Rancho 80s Mix)”

I’ve posted up a few remixes of St. Lucia’s BRILLIANT “Elevate” but none of them have even come close to the original but Hugo Rancho’s take on it very nearly does. Keeping that 80s pop aesthetic, Rancho adds a rolling bass and dazzlingly bright synth riffs.

Oh, and I am seeing St. Lucia live tonight and count not be more excited.

Hugo Rancho is from the UK and seems to make A LOT of 80s inspired jams, so have a listen especially “High Noon”.

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Polarsets: “Parasols”

Indie Shuffle do this cool thing where they post up tracks and say a few bands and artists that they kind of sound like or remind them of. So because they said Polarset’s “Parasols” was sort of like St. Lucia I thought it worth a click and a listen - it was. It’s got that Afro pop thing going on alongside a summer synth vibe.

Polarset are from Newcastle, UK and are releasing an album soon, 31 August. Check out the other track released “Madrid”.

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