JONES: “Deep”


I saw the briefest blurb of this on DiscoNaivete but they hooked me with a comparison to Jessie Ware and Solange. They are big things to live up to but JONES does on “Deep”. The beat is sultry slow jam rnb, the vocals are piercingly sweet and the whole production is just aces.

If you like Blood Orange/Dev Hynes, Mapei, Solange, Ella Eyres,

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Futurecop!: “Sun Is Mine ft. Mereki”

"Imagine riding a unicorn through the clouds, towards the Northern Lights, whilst wielding a lightsaber and simultaneously transporting the listener directly to both their childhood past and their future!"

This is how UK synth pop duo Futurecop! describe their music and it seems pretty apt. With dazzling apreggio synths and dreamy vocals, care of LA based by way of Australia Singer Mereki, “Sun Is Mine” is all the endless possibilities of childhood and the future wrapped into sound.

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Childish Gambino: “Sober [rough]”

Childish Gambino is getting his sing on, and its really good. There’s something about Donald Glover’s alter ego that often feels like it misses the mark but on “Sober” he seems to really knock it out the park with a silky smooth vocal and funky synth driven beat. If this is rough imagine what its gonna sound like smooth?

From his upcoming mixtape STN MTN.

SBTRKT: “Higher ft. Raury”


Right below is some of Raury’s solo stuff and right here is a feature on the new SBTRKT album and my oh my it is good. This is lo fi hip hop, this is SBTRKT and get used to this kid Raury.

Raury: “God’s Whisper”

This feels like it could be some kind of Lumineers song right at the very beginning but then Raury’s vocals kick in and you know you’re in for something a little different. This guy is a singer/songwriter/rapper/producer and he’s only eighteen, the kid is special. 

This is like the best mix of Kid Cudi, Arcade Fire, The Lumineers, Yeasayer.

Hear him on SBTRKT’s latest single “Higher" too. 

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Nick Gardner: “Lose You”

This is Phil Collins reincarnated over pulsating synths and big drum moments when that hook hits. 

Oh and that second bridge with that big bass drum is an amazing moment.


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Becky Hill: “Losing”

People are getting very excited about this MNEK produced track “Losing” from Becky Hill. Could it be that big synth house pop chorus, those Adele-esque vocals or that delicious rolling beat? It’s all these things and deserves to be played the hell out of. 

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Luke Million: “Light and Sound”

Happy Friday.

This is Luke Million, a producer from Australia and this “Light and Sound” that’s a floaty funk filled modern day disco pop with bright vocals and a dope bassline - it sort of reminds me of Flight Facilities’ “Crave You” so if you like that kind of thing…




Truth is, I couldn’t pick which track I wanted to post up so here’s both of them. The second truth is that if someone said to you that this is some of Prince’s new stuff, you’d believe them… but its not, its this kid called Meanwhile who’s just been signed to Fiction.

This is unadulterated 80s funk pop and it is brilliant. Yes, it sounds just like Prince or Cameo but it has a place in 2014 thanks to acts like Toro Y Moi, Chromeo and Blood Orange. I can’t wait for more from this guy.

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Dornik: “On My Mind”

Dornik has been playing the long game with three stellar releases over the last year, each one living up to the last. With links to Disclosure, jessie Ware and their label PMR, Dornik is on the brink of big things with this latest release “On My Mind” which is a silky smooth rnb jam cementing those comparisons to Michael Jackson, Marvin Gaye and stepping easily alongside currenty acts like Miguel and Blood Orange. Keep your eyes and ears open with this one.

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