Lana Del Rey: “West Coast”

Back in 2011 Lana Del Rey was criticised for not living up to the impossibly high hype that music blogs cooked up for her. People focussed on the ropey live performances yet failed to realise that what they were seeing was an artist rushed out before they were ready, yet had everything else in place - the music, the lyrics, the attitude and the look. Ever since annoucing Ultraviolence, I’ve been excited about hearing more from Del Rey because she is an artist to be excited about and “West Coast” proves that as always. It’s impossibly cool, with hazy vocals and big lush electronic indie production all tinged with that West Coast vibe. 

Welcome back, Lana.



disCOVER: KAIROS “Street Lights (Kanye West Cover)”

If you played someone Kanye West’s “Street Lights” without telling them who it was by I think they wouldn’t be able to guess it was by the same person who made, let’s say, “New Slaves” or “I Am A God”. It was a light surprise amidst the heartbreak on 808s but was still a highlight of the album, well at least for me.

Now KAIROS has come along and emphasised the optimism and hope in “Street Lights” into this delightfully simple acoustic blend. Amazing. 

Available for FREE DOWNLOAD

ALECS: “Prove”

New exciting things from London singer ALECS. “Prove” is a laidback rnb track perfect for lazy hazy days in the sun, good thing summer’s coming. 

Oh and that guitar is killer.



tUnE-yArDs: “Wait For A Minute”

tUnE-yArDs isn’t the first name you’d think of in connection with Alicia Keys or John Legend, but on “Wait For A Minute” Merrill Garbus has teamed up with Malay - Key’s, Legend’s and Frank Ocean’s producer. The track is a tight polished rnb beat that wouldn’t feel out of place on Ocean’s Channel Orange but still retains Garbus quirky charm that makes tUnE-yArDs what it is. 

From Nikki Nack, pre order here.



Atmosphere: “Kanye West”

I’ve loved Atmosphere since hearing “Sunshine” for the first time. Atmosphere’s Slug is one of the most talented MCs out there, delivering real heartfelt lyrics over classic hip hop sampled beats. From the upcoming new album Southsiders, comes “Kanye West”, premiered on Pigeons + Planes, a fuelled hip hop boom bap banger. 

Grab Southsiders on May 6, pre order here



Future Islands: “Seasons (Waiting On You)”

Baltimore’s Future Islands are magnetic. Frontman Samuel Harris has a heartbreakingly disarming voice that fits the new wave aesthetic perfectly as it weaves in and out of the synth pop gem that “Seasons” is. Shades of Joy Division and New Order, so you know its good. 

From their latest album Singles, available on iTunes.

Remix Baby: MØ “I Don’t Wanna Dance (Goldroom Remix)”

Happy Hump Day.

It’s two days til the weekend and I’m going on holiday today, so let’s play this super loud and get down. 



SOHN: “Lights”

SOHN impressed me mightily last year with his brilliant “Lessons” and since then he’s been producing for BANKS and making a name for himself all over the place. From his new album Tremors comes “Lights” (premiered on Hilly Dilly along with a few other album tracks) a wonderfully atmospheric night time track. 

Check out Hilly Dilly for the audio and check out this live version recorded for a 4AD session. 

SZA: “Babylon ft. Kendrick Lamar”

Last week, SZA came through with a Chance The Rapper assist on “Child’s Play”, ahead of the release of her debut album Z (April 8). This week she’s got fellow Top Dawg Entertainment artist Kendrick Lamar on the ethereal post rnb “Babylon”, with a bass synth worth of Ginuwine’s “Pony”.



ITYLTS Presents: Remix Sunday II

It’s Sunday, and last week I posted up a few remixes and I thought I’d do it again this week. We’ve got a dance remix of Bastille’s “Pompeii” by Monsieur Adi, a laidback funky soul bossa nova cut of Ellie Goulding’s “Lights” from Shook, a sped up sample of Flight Facilities’ “Crave You” by Royal and closing out with a big synth sound edit of Sky Ferreira’s “You’re Not The One” from Little Daylight.