April on I Think You’ll Like This Song



Hellogoodbye // “When We First Met” from Would It Kill You? (@itshellogoodbye)

You might remember Hellogoodbye from that song a few years ago, Here (In Your Arms) that was bit of electronic-pop fun that pre-empted the sound of groups like 3!OH!3 and Metro Station. The track had some decent exposure but it felt like a one hit wonder.

Now its 2011, and with the release of Would It Kill You?, Hellogoodbye are back with a brand new sound. Keeping with the pop sound, they’ve ditched most of the electronic elements and the album is full of great catchy pop songs, especially the song for the summer Finding Something To Do

Find more about Hellogoodbye http:/www.hellogoodbye.net or follow them on twitter @itshellogoodbye