Kyle Krone: “Cool All of the Time”

Here’s a new one from Kyle Krone, Cool All of the Time.

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Kyle Krone (@kylekrone): INTERVIEW

We found out about Kyle Krone through his connections with the band 1,2,3. Kyle Krone used to front Southern Californian rock band The Shys, but now he is striking out on his own with his LP For Those Who Think Young. Its a strong solo debut judging from the first three singles Driving Deloreans, a great rock pop song with a driving rhythm and catchy choruses, 1963 a more uptempo pop/dance track and Hiding In Plain Sight another catchy pop/rock track that has been featured in J. Crew commercials. 

kyle krone singles by KyleKrone

We got the chance to chat with Kyle about the inspirations behind his new work, his recording process and what’s next on the cards for Kyle. 

When did you start recording music?

I was 13 when I started my first band, we would record are little teenage tales on an old boombox and give cassette tapes to our friends. We eventually graduated to the hi-fi cutting edge 4track.

What is the inspiration behind Driving Deloreans?

It was a combination of things, what initially sparked the idea to write a the song was my friend Matthew Gray Gubler mentioned he was gonna do some drawings of DeLoreans and that appealed to me because I am fond of the car and what it represents to me and the idea behind it. I am fascinated by John DeLorean himself and his story. He had this beautiful dream to take this idyllic futuristic concept of a car and actually make it real.  I think the challenges he faced translating his vision into reality struck a cord with me so I related his story to my life in music and art. I saw the similarities in my own dreams in regards to music and art, things can be so prefect in my mind and to actually achieve those visions and make them real and share them with others is what drives me and what I strive to do.

What drives you to write and produce music? 

  Sometimes I feel like I just want to bottle up everything I love about life and everything that is beautiful and all my dreams into my music so that it becomes more real or so that I can go to that perfect place whenever I want to. For me there are these intangible feelings I get that can only be expressed through music. Other times its more of a story I feel like I have to tell or write down to explain how I feel or who I am to myself.

What’s next on the cards for you, what have you got coming up?

I will put out the album I’ve made at some point this summer most likely and record another one sometime later this year. I am also working on a side project called Maui Chimes with a friend of mine and we will release an EP sometime this year as well. I want to make my shows really special and different and play different unusual places. I’d love to organize some kind of Island tour. Its my hope that people all over get turned on to my music so I can travel and play for them.

Kyle also recommended a song that he thinks we’ll like which is:

Dirty Beaches “Lord Knows Best”

Dirty Beaches - Lord Knows Best by thesubs-blog

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