Mash Up: The Notorious B.I.G vs Lorde “Juicy Royals (The Melker Project)”

Pigeon and Planes just did a feature on 10 Biggie mash ups that don’t suck and it’s quite good, although there’s some of my fave ones that didn’t make it (like this xx and juicy one. Here’s one they picked out featuring a chopped and screwed Lorde cut together with “Juicy”.

I think what we all learn from this is that “Juicy” is amazing.

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Mash Ups: Skeetwood Mac

skeetwood The Melker Project Releases Skeetwood Mac, A Fleetwood Mac Inspired Mash Up EP

This could go either way, you could either love this or hate this, judgement is reserved. But here is Scott Melker’s latest project, The Melker Project- a mash up of Fleetwood Mac classics and R&B and Hip Hop including 2Chainz, Ciara, Ludacris, Jay-Z and Yung Joc.

w/ Ciara & Ludacris

w/ Jay-Z

w/ Yung Joc

w/ 2 Chainz

It’s okay if you don’t like and it’s perfectly fine if you do… I’m warming to the “Dreams” one…

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Mash Ups: Mighty Mike “You Know Video Games (Two Door Cinema Club vs Lana Del Rey)”

Jesus, this is good. Mash Up producer Mighty Mike has mashed up Lana Del Rey’s Video Games with Two Door Cinema Club’s What You Know and the result is crazy good. Using the instrumental of Video Games (and a bit of the hook) Mighty Mike uses the bulk of What You Know and turns the upbeat indie pop song into an atmospheric indie epic…kind of like Video Games

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Mash Ups: Vico Ono “Drop It Like A Ghostwriter”

So as you can see from the post below that I’ve just been listening to a lot of Vico Ono’s mash ups, and oh they’re good, especially this one. Putting together the fantastic instrumental Ghostwriter from RJD2 and Snoop D O double G Drop It Like It Hot, this is dripping cool.

Drop It like a Ghostwriter by Vico Ono

Oh and this Jack Johnson vs Skee-Lo is pretty tight too. 

Mash Up Double Shot: Kanye West/M83, Childish Gambino/RCHP

Shout to Pigeons And Planes and Bootie Mashup for putting us on these super duper cool mash ups. Both Kanye and Childish Gambino have been mashed up before (here and here) and they’ll be mashed up again but these two slices are hot. Vico Ono mixes together Bonfire from CG’s Camp with the classic RCHP Under The Bridge and it goes together extremely well, chilling out Childish but not taking away nothing. Kanye comes correct with M83’s Midnight City as White Panda mashes it up with Ye’s ode to The Good Life and it also goes together extremely well, party track for sure. 

Midnight Life by whitepandamusic

Bonfire Under the Bridge by Vico Ono

You know how it go, if you like it and want to download, go ahead and click on the down arrow.

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Mash Ups: Kanye West x Washed Out “Diamonds From Far Away” (Carlos Serrano Mix)

Pigeons and Planes posted up an article yesterday about the top 10 hip hop meets electronic collaborations they would love to see. Lo and behold, today one popped up by Carlos Serrano mashing up Washed Out’s Far Away with Kanye West’s Diamond From Sierra Leone. It makes the iced out track heaps more introspective, its really very good.

(via pigeons and planes)



Mash Ups: G3rst “Stand By Last Friday Night (Katy Perry vs Ben E. King)”

Just about every month Bootie Mashup (excellent mash up djs) release a top 10 (normally of 10+ songs) of the best mash ups out there at the moment. It always worth a little check and here’s one that’s caught attention this month. Katy Perry’s Last Friday Night mixed with Ben E. King’s classic Stand By Me. It turns Perry’s ode to a good ass time into an introspective almost thoughtful wonderings about what the hell just happened last night.

G3rst “Stand By Last Friday Night (Katy Perry vs Ben E. King”

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Pretty Lights: “Pretty Lights vs Summertime”

Working at Glastonbury this year meant I was opposite the G Stage and managed to see/hear a few bands. On the Sunday night, Pretty Lights was one of them. For me it was a highlight and a grateful step away from just the monotonous drum n bass and techno that had been the soundtrack for working that weekend. Now Pretty Lights has released a great mash up for summer including all the greats like Fresh Prince, Sublime, Mungo Jerry and many others. Happy summer everyone!

Pretty Lights vs Summertime (Free Download) by prettylights

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Mash Ups: The Hood Internet “Billie Wildcat Jean”

We adore Ratatat, we love Michael Jackson. Mash Up impresarios The Hood Internet have put our two loves together and made Billie Wildcat Jean. Hate it or love it, check it out either way.

The Hood Internet “Billie Wildcat Jean”

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