Gold Spectacles: “Steal You Away”

Gold Spectacles’ “Steal You Away” is a lesson in not making snap judgements because this song takes you through a whole host of genres from folk, indie pop to afro pop. The London duo say there influences span from Phoenix to Paul Simon and you can really hear it in “Steal You Away”. 

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Remix Baby: Phoenix “Trying to be Cool (R. Kelly Remix)”

Back in April, R. Kelly joined frenchies Phoenix on stage at Coachella for some kind of ‘Ignition/1901’ mashup, it was gloriously unexpected. The two artists have come together again on this R. Kelly assisted remix of Phoenix’s “Trying to be Cool” - R. Kelly doesn’t mess around with a good thing and just takes over vocals on the chorus and adding some verses.

Just brilliant.



ITYLTS Best of: April

ITYLTS’ Best Of: April from ITYLTSmusic on 8tracks Radio.

Here’s ITYLTS picks for the best songs of April. (it was real tough to narrow it down to 10)

The Knocks- “Modern Hearts ft St. Lucia

NoNoNo- “Pumpin’ Blood

Phoenix- “Entertainment (Blood Orange Remix)

Keebo- “Native American

J Dilla- “Trucks

Jai Pal- “Crush (Jennifer Paige Cover)

Junip- “Line of Fire

Laura Marling- “Master Hunter

Mtume- “Juicy Fruit (Dreamin’ Thomas Tenfeld Edit)

Daft Punk- “Get Lucky ft Pharrell


Daughter- “Get Lucky (Daft Punk Cover)



Remix Baby: Phoenix “Entertainment (Blood Orange Remix)”

Been meaning to post on this for a minute but here we are. Here is Dev Hynes aka Blood Orange remix of Phoenix’s “Entertainment” with former Sugababes Mutya, Keisha and Siobhan appearing on the vampy chorus. It’s full of mournful guitars, dazzling arpeggios and that unmistakable Blood Orange swag.

Grab the free download



Mash Up: Phoenix vs R. Kelly “Ignition (1901 Remix- The Hood Internet)”

In case you were living under a rock last weekend- or you’re not that into this kind of thing- you’ll have seen that R.Kelly. joined Phoenix onstage at Coachella to perform a mash up of “Ignition” and “1901” and of course it was glorious. Because the audio on the live videos are a little choppy and the world needs a clean cut version of this in their lives those lovely mash up artists Hood Internet have given us this, and again, it is glorious. 

and also available for free download.



ITYLTS’ Best of: February



Phoenix: “Entertainment”

There’s something about Phoenix that reminds me of time spent in Australia. No idea why. Anyway, enought about me. Here’s the fabulous new song from Frenchies Phoenix “Entertainment”. Its got eastern influence chopstick style riffs and great catchy choruses, this is going to go down VERY well this summer.

"Entertainment" is from the upcoming album Bankrupt, pre-order here for 22nd April!



disCOVER: Birdy “1901 (Phoenix Cover)”

I didn’t jump on the bandwagon with Birdy’s rendition of Skinny Love. At first I just didn’t listen to it on some kind of twisted principle, then I gave it a justified try and just didn’t like it. Since I’ve kept a wary distance while she went on to cover The xx and Cherry Ghost. Another cover has just been released from her upcoming album of covers, and this time around I think she has me with her cover of Phoenix’s 1901. Slowing it down and stripping away the electro-ness of it all it showcases her talent, which I now begrudgingly admit she has a bucket loads of. 

Birdy - 1901 by nicoleramos

The self titled album is out now including her covers of Bon Iver, The xx, Fleet Foxes, Phoenix and The Naked And Famous. Get it here.



July on I Think You’ll Like This Song



Remix Baby: Phoenix “Lisztomania (Shook Remix)”

Maybe its because we’re completely blown away by this, but this could be one of the best remixes we’ve heard. Turning Phoenix’s Lisztomania into a funky soulful disco track, it really touches all the spots and its all down to dutch producer Shook. We are MIGHTY impressed.

Phoenix - Lisztomania (Shook Remix) by Shook (Official)

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