Album Stream: And the Giraffe “Something for Someone”

A couple months back ITYLTS featured the beautiful escapism that was Summertime Kids, the brainchild if Nick Roberts. When I chatted to Nick he mentioned another project he had been working, And the Giraffe, that was a collaboration with Josh Morris. Here’s the finished project which is as beautiful as what was found on Summertime Kids. 

Like Nick’s earlier project, And the Giraffe is beautifully simple. You can hear the evolution from Summertime Kids straight away both musically and lyrically and with the added drums it feels wonderfully put together. This is the kind of EP that is perfect for those late nights where you end up talking about everything til the sun comes up. That may sound a little hyperbolic, but right now that’s the best way I can describe it.

If you like Bon Iver, Nick Drake, Iron & Wine etc. you will definitely like this.

Something for Someone by andthegiraffe

Download here (its at any price, but really this is worth paying for).



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Summertime Kids: INTERVIEW

We posted on Summertime Kids back in April. The genus of one Nick Roberts, Summertime Kids’ debut LP Table Manners was the most perfect escape for the silly amounts of work we had on our plates at the time. Citing Bon Iver as an influence, you can’t help but be taken to a similar ‘quiet’ kind of place with Sumemertime Kids, though minus much of the pain and grief but with the same introspection, calmness and reflection (if that makes sense). We caught up with Nick and we chatted about the inspirations behind Summertime Kids and the album Table Manners, Nick also told us about what he has coming up next including his other project …and the giraffe

How did you come up with the name Summertime Kids?

It’s a little odd to have a plural name for a single person, but I’m hoping one day to have a large group of musicians together to put the songs on live, which was my goal when writing them. I think the songs have a very big sound to them, and having 8 or 9 people on stage gently building the songs would be fantastic.

The origin of the name is a song that I wrote almost a year ago. It was a very playful song that focused on childhood and innocence, and it was called Summertime Kids. I didn’t end up using the song on the album because the vibe didn’t fit, but I liked the name and the innocence of it for the songs I released.

Where did the inspiration for the album come from?

I don’t know that the album really had a particular inspiration to it when I started. I knew that I wanted to put out a record of some kind, but I didn’t know how long it was going to be, or what songs I was working on were going to end up on it. Over time, I got a better grasp on the direction it was heading in, and crafted it that way.

Talk us through your typical process to writing/recording Table Manners?

I’m a notoriously slow song writer, so having taken 6 months to finish 6 songs (18 minutes), I’m a little unsure how I even managed to get it done. I didn’t write every day for the album, but I can safely say that I spent a few hours a week writing and arranging. Most of the recording was done pretty late at night. After my friends had gone to bed, or after I had gotten home from practicing with And the Giraffe, I needed some time to relax and focus on what I thought to be inadequacies of myself.

Since I write visually, I like to either write out on paper what I’m going to do and arrange the songs that way, or on the computer as I’m recording. So, a lot of my recording process was coming into my bedroom at midnight or later and turning on my computer and laying parts for songs for a few hours before collapsing from exhaustion. If I felt as though what I had done the night before was still great, I’d do some arranging and editing the next morning and repeat the process again that night or the next one. 

Was it all instrumental at first and then you decided to add lyrics to some tracks or was it all part of the process?

The album was never meant to be entirely instrumental, instead “Rain on My Parade” was meant to be the light at the end of the tunnel so to speak, and was going to be the only track with vocals. I toyed around with singing on almost all of the other tracks when I was writing them, but nothing I recorded at the time had stuck. But when I went to mix down all of the tracks to upload them online, as I was listening to “Know,” I heard my voice come in. I didn’t remember recording the vocals for that song and really liked the way they sounded in the final track, so I kept them.

How long have you been making music? How did you get into it?

            I’ve been making music for quite a while. Before I learned guitar, I was in my school’s band as a trumpet player. I started playing guitar when I was 13 or 14 through quite the miracle. I had been given an acoustic guitar a year or two before that and ended up getting rid of it because it just sat in my room and I never touched it. Luckily, for a birthday of mine, my parent’s decided to get me yet another guitar, and through the help of a friend, I learned some basic chords and took off from there.

            My early bedroom rocking eventually grew into me practicing for hours every day. It’s a little hard to believe now, but the first band I was in was a technical death metal band and I think it helped my playing quite a bit. I started writing songs with my friend in that band and haven’t stopped ever since. 

And can you tell us a bit more about your other project And The Giraffe?

And the Giraffe consists of me and my best friend, Josh Morris. We met at an orientation meeting for our university and started playing music together on a regular basis. When we started we were a very folksy band, but since Josh moved away to a different school, we drastically changed our sound as we started working on songs through the use of a Dropbox account. Josh is crashing on my couch for the summer and we’re working every day to finish recording the material we started while we were apart. The aim is to have our first album together released by the end of August.

Thank you Nick Roberts of Summertime Kids for the interview and check out his other project …and the giraffe

Summertime Kids: Bandcamp (where you can stream and then download Table Manners



Summertime Kids

Trawling through Hypemachine can be exhausting sometime, especially when nothing really inspires you or sticks out in your mind as worth another listen. This was happening the other night to me until I stumbled across Summertime Kids. I clicked on the link and was immediately whisked away from my room to some moonlit beach, I could almost feel the sand between my toes.

Summertime Kids is the project of Nick Roberts, who recorded the six-track album Table Manners in between writing songs for another band. And The Giraffe. Thank god Roberts can multi-task because Table Manners is a delightfully minimalist record that I want to do nothing more than to drift off somewhere beautiful with. Mixing together both instrumental tracks with lyrical ones, Table Manners is simply a beautiful album through and through.

You can stream the whole album here and you can download and you can buy the album, naming your price, so there really is no excuse)

Visit Summertime Kids Myspace for more info.