The Good Natured: “5-HT”

I’ve been a fan of The Good Natured since their feature on Adrian Lux’s amazing “Alive" and their own stuff "Skeleton”. The English trio have been back in the lab with producers such as Richard X and cooked up a new EP for us all. Here’s the Richard X produced “5-HT” which has an astonishing 90s dance break in the middle that’s glorious. 

The 4-track EP is out now, get it here.



disCOVER: The Good Natured “She Drives Me Crazy (Fine Young Cannibals Cover)”

As soon as that snare hits, The Fine Young Cannibal’s “She Drives Me Crazy” is instantly recognisable. So when covering such an iconic track you have to be able to put your own spin on it. Luckily for The Good Natured, they do. It’s a faithful cover, yet Sarah McIntosh’s soft, English vocals add something new and ground it into the soft and subtle arrangements that surround. 

You can download the cover over on their website here.



The Good Natured: “Video Voyeur”

Have been loving everything I hear from The Good Natured ever since that feature on Adrian Lux’s new one Alive. If you liked Skeleton go get involved with their newest Video Voyeur which you can download for free once you like their FB page

Video Voyeur by The Good Natured

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VIDEO: Adrian Lux “Alive ft. The Good Natured”

Here’s the brand spanking new video for one of favourite tracks of the moment, Adrian Lux’s Alive featuring The Good Natured. All neon lights and big synths, Alive gets me up and ready to go when that drop…drops.



The Good Natured: “Skeleton”

Discovered The Good Natured through their feature on Adrian Lux’s new floor filler, Alive. Really liked the sound so went delving on the internet for some more and found this amazing track Skeleton, which starts off all minor key and then turns into such a catchy and upbeat chorus it will be stuck in your head for days, its been stuck in mine for days. With comparisons to La Roux and Marina and The Diamonds, its another great UK electro/indie pop group sure to make some noise. God love em. 

The Good Natured - Skeleton by The Good Natured

Skeleton is from The Skeleton EP which is out now and available here.

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Adrian Lux: “Alive ft. The Good Natured”

Lux’s Teenage Crime is my dance track of the year (for me, it was released last year) and now he’s hit us with Alive with The Good Natured, another high energy feel good dance anthem that will get your night right. Turn this one up super loud for the drop.

Adrian Lux feat. The Good Natured - Alive by Adrian Lux

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