disCOVER: The xx “Teardrops (Womack & Womack Cover)”

Womack & Womack’s “Teardrops” is one of my favourite songs and I originally just wanted to post that but then I found this xx cover…

And of course, here’s the original.



LIVE: The xx & Jessie Ware “Lady/Music Sounds Better With You”

Oh, when Jessie Ware comes in…amazing.

At The xx’s “Day + Night+ festival in Berlin, they started off performing a cover of Modjo’s eraly 00s dance hit “Lady” over a Jamie xx remix beat and then Jessie Ware arrived to deliver that irresistible hook from Stardust’s “Music Sounds Better With You”. 

Studio version please.




Sometime last autumn I got onto a new Brighton band called IYES. I thought they were kind of like The xx, but bigger. Then I heard more and it was clear that comparison was a little too simple. Out of the three tracks I’ve featured, 2 made my best of the months and the third, well its only just turned May…

I chatted to the duo about lighthouses, Brighton, dream line ups, Roger Bacon and influences.

Who are IYES?

Melis Soyaslanova and Josh Christopher

How did the two of you come together?

We met coincidentally through mutual friends but it wasn’t like we instantly felt the need to write music together. We both come from quite different musical environments so at first I was quite surprised how well it worked combined together.

How do you go about “creating unforgettable pop melodies across the alt-pop spectrum”?

It’s different each time we write. Sometimes it’s a very natural, spontaneous process. Sometimes writing and recording is a lengthy process and requires a lot of patience, because Josh pays a lot of attention to production as well. Each song is a brand new challenge for us cause we experiment with sound and genre in the studio.

Daddy” is an instrumental, did you have vocals for it?

Yeah we did. Melis wrote a really long poem that goes with the music about her relationship with her dad. We only performed it live once, at our first ever show.

Have you ever been to a Lighthouse?

Josh: I’ve been to someone’s lighthouse that they turned into a real house. It was cool.

What’s good in Brighton?

Josh: Nightlife and the women.

Melis: Sea.

When you have writers block, what gets the creative flow going again?

Usually, we both get writers block when we’re happy and satisfied with life. Like at the moment we are. What usually inspires us music wise are negative emotions towards other people, sadness and stuff like that.

Who would be your dream collaboration, dead or alive?

Melis: Pharell Williams/N.E.R.D./Neptunes. I ADORE HIM. Or James Blake. Or Arcade Fire.

Josh: Obviously working with Paul McCartney or someone like that would be ace.

What’s the first album/song you ever bought?

Josh: Eminem

What’s the last album/song you want to listen to?

Melis: I really want to listen to the new Yeah Yeah Yeah’s album. Still haven’t but I’m sure it’s amazing. It’s hard keeping up these days as there seem to be a lot of (great) records coming out this year, so listening to what other people do and simultaneously making music yourself is quite confusing cause it sometimes makes you wanna sound like something you really like at the moment.

In imagination land I’m putting on a HUGE festival and asking you to pick my three headlines for Friday, Saturday and Sunday, who are they?

FRI: Beyonce

SAT: Bon Iver

SUN: Coldplay

Justin Bieber said that he hoped Anne Frank would have been a ‘Belieber’, which historial figure do you think would have dug your music?

Roger Bacon

What’s your current obsession at the moment? 

Josh is obsessed with Purdey’s Rejuvenate atm. I am obsessed with my basil plant.

Would you rather have a puppy sized elephant or an elephant sized puppy?

Elephant sized puppy. 

Was “Call Me Maybe” one of the best songs of 2012? If not, what was?

No it wasn’t. Josh says it was 212 by azealia banks, by far. I really loved Matilda by Alt-J, I thought the whole album was one of the best things of 2012.

What’s next in 2013?

We have big plans but we’ll make you wait and see. Ha

As this is I Think You’ll Like This Song, what song do you think we’d like?

Our next song. which is gonna be released soon!



IYES: “Daddy”

I’m really quite excited about this Brighton band and “Daddy” has just made me that much more excited. With their first track, “Lighthouse” it had quite the minimalist ‘The xx’ vibe and with “Glow” they added a more dance-house vibe proving they had a few strings to their bow. Well add a few more because with the instrumental “Daddy” they build on those xx comparisons with a beautiful synthy dream pop piece, kind of like “Intro” with a little less angst. 

and Jesus, if this is what a demo sounds like…

Download “Daddy” here




The Great Gatsby Soundtrack Sampler

(via Pigeons and Planes)

I am very excited for the upcoming The Great Gatsby. Every trailer has knocked it out of the park with their music selection (“No Church In The Wild”, “Love Is Blindness”) and the soundtrack promises to be just as good. With executive producer Jay-Z on board, he’s brought together Beyonce, Andre 3000, will.i.am, Q-Tip, Lana Del Rey, Brian Ferry, Florence + The Machine, The xx, Sia, Gotye…and of course the ubiquitious Emeli Sande pops up (I kid…)











(thanks to dochliebchen letting me know about the “Love is Kindness/Blindness” error)



IYES: “Glow”


Last month, IYES popped up on my radar with the deceivingly minimalistic “Lighthouse" that I described as "as if The xx stepped out from behind the curtain and decided to turn off a filter… that builds on what it promised at the start". Now they’re building up momentum with new one "Glow", that takes on a little more of a housey dance kind of vibe. Very VERY promising from this Brighton duo. I like this a lot.

IYES: WebsiteFacebookTwitterSoundcloud



LIVE: The xx at NPR’s Tiny Desk Concert

Two thirds of The xx dropped by NPR’s excellent Tiny Desk for their concert series and delivered flawless performances of “Angels” and “Sunsets”. Seriously, these sound pretty much as they are on CD.



IYES: “Lighthouse”


Its as if The xx stepped out from behind the curtain and decided to turn off a filter. Brighton’s IYES take The xx’s use of negative space and gives a satisfying climax to the quiet beginnings. “Lighthouse” starts off slow with the familiar sounds of boy/girl singing in muted tones yet halfway through it turns into a big epic r&b inspired piece that builds on what is promised at the start. 

IYES: WebsiteFacebookTwitterSoundcloud



Best Albums of 2012

Its that time of the year again, its the best of lists. There’s been a few rolling around but I know y’all have been waiting for me to grace the interwebs with my choices, right?

Anyway, here are my top 10 albums of 2012, the ones that have been in heavy rotation, the ones that made me think about music differently- the ones that made me listen different. 

…in no particular order.

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disCOVER: Atlas Genius “Islands (The xx Cover)”

The xx are a hard act to follow but Atlas Genius comes along and takes over “Islands” in all its acoustic and soft glory… if that makes any sense.

Atlas Genius: WebsiteFacebookTwitterSoundcloud