BROODS: “Bridges”

Over the last couple of years, New Zealand has been making itself known musically with the likes of Ladyhawke, The Naked + Famous, She’s So Rad and of course Lorde. Adding to this impressive list is BROODS, a synth pop boy/girl duo from Auckland. “Bridges” is a buzzing slow and steady track a la CHVRCHES or maybe London Grammar. 

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The Naked and Famous: “A Stillness”


TNAF quiet things down a bit for new track “A Stillness” and at first it feels as if its always on the cusp of launching, in that true TNAF fasion, into one of those life-affirming anthems they do so well… and they keep you waiting to the very last minute until they do and by golly it is worth it.

From the sophmore album In Rolling Waves, that includes “Hearts Like Ours”, due September 13. 



ITYLTS Best of: June/July

ITYLTS Presents: Best of June/July from ITYLTSmusic on 8tracks Radio.

I’ve put the best of June/July all together because I missed out on June. 

So here’s ITYLTS’ 15 top tracks from the last two months featuring Lorde, Poolside, Washed Out, Duke Dumont, Friends, St. Lucia, Haim, The Naked and Famous, Sam Smith and more…



The Naked and Famous: “Hearts Like Ours”

They’re back! You’re favourite New Zealanders, (except for Russell Crowe) The Naked and Famous have arrived to follow up to their massive debut album Passive Me, Agressive You and that killer track “Young Blood”.

I’ve already heard someone say its kind of similar to CHVRCHES’ output, but I disagree. Yeah its electro synth pop with a lead female vocal, but TNAF were on that tip before CHVRCHES and more the merrier I say. “Hearts Like Ours” is a brilliant return.

If you liked “Young Blood”, you won’t be disappointed with this. And if you like music generally, you’ll like this.

"Hearts Like Ours" is from the upcoming sophomore album In Rolling Waves, due September 17. Available to pre-order.



ITYLTS PLAYLIST: Songs To Dance Around Your Room To


First things first, go get spotify. Because I’m going to start making playlists and that’s how you’re going to be able to listen to them.

We’ve all done it. A big song comes on and suddenly you’re up crazy dancing around your room and you don’t want it to stop. Well now it won’t because here is… 

       ITYLTS’ tried and tested playlist of SONGS TO DANCE AROUND YOUR ROOM TO.

               **(Guaranteed to get you up and dancing with AT LEAST ONE song)**



ITYLTS’ Most Played

Do you ever click on the most played tab in iTunes and get a little surprise, like a curveball of “Wow, did not know how much I actually listened to that one song…over and over again, for like a month and now I don’t listen to it that much anymore…but wow I played the hell out of that one song”, well that happened to me this morning.

It’s all well and good me posting up music that I’m finding here and now but I bet you’re wondering what I actually listen to on a daily basis, oh you weren’t? Oh… well this is awkward now…I’m just going to do it anyway. 

1) Bon Iver “Creature Fear” (180 plays)

2) Adrian Lux “Teenage Crime” (153 plays)

3) Annuals “Fair” (145 plays)

4) Air “Run” (117 plays)

5) Old 97s “Adelaide” (117 plays)

6) Matchbox 20 “How Far We’ve Come” (116 plays)

7) The Naked and Famous “Young Blood” (112 plays)

8) The Temper Trap “Fader” (110 plays)

9) Bear Hands “Crime Pays” (100 plays)

10) Dandy Warhols “We Used To Be Friends” (100 plays)

11) The Shins “Sleeping Lessons” (95 plays)

12) The Helio Sequence “Hallelujah” (93 plays)

13) Local Natives “Airplanes” (89 plays)

14) Spoon “I Turn My Camera On” (87 plays)

15) Clock Opera “Belongings” (81 plays)

So, there you have it.



What Was Liked Last Month: March/April

Seriously where is the time going? We are racing towards halfway through 2012 and I can barely keep up, soon it will be summer and then it will be autumn and BOOM christmas and new years- stop it time!! 

Anyway, in an attempt to slow things down let’s all revisit what we loved and listened to in March and April!


We kicked off March by going back and discovering the amazing The Cocteau Twins due to their influence on one Abel Tresfaye and The Weeknd- particularly the sample of The Cocteau Twins “Cherry Coloured Funk” on the fantastic “The Knowing”.

At the moment there seems to be an influx of talented male sometimes folksy singer songwriters and in March we finally got round to listening to the wonderful Ben Howard and “The Wolves”- amazing driven indie folk kind of pop things.

Everyone seems to want to be anonymous and mysterious these days and it has worked wonders for acts like Summer Camp, The Weeknd and now One Room. Part of the Heavy Roc Family (like St. Lucia, Alex Winston, The Knocks) One Room have that lo-fi mysterious sound with hip hop inflections which sound wonderful over tight production on tracks like “Believe”.

March gave us even more upbeat synth pop with Emil & Friends “Crystal Ball" (check out their amazing cover of M83 "Midnight City" too!)

Early this year Daytrotter opened up a studio in London so now there are so many more amazing acts to check out its just getting silly. I’ve been away for two weeks and I have SO much to catch on- until then though check out these amazing sessions from favourites The Naked and Famous and Clock Opera

Chillwave impresario St. Lucia has been exciting the ears since he dropped “The Old House Is Gone” last year, finally now there is a debut EP that is perfect for summer. Check out “Closer Than This

Ever wondered what a cover of Adele’s “Rumour Has It” would sound like recorded live in the kitchen with some tupperware? Questions have been answered with this from The Dolls.

Lots of lovely dreamy indie pop from acts like Wages and “South China Sea”.

Back in March we originally just wanted to post up Aluna George’s fantastic remix of Lana Del Rey’s “Born To Die”- instead I fell in love with the amazingly smooth “You Know You Like It

March/April were months for brand new things from Beach House, The Temper Trap, Mystery Jets, Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros, Sigur Ros and Marina & The Diamonds

Charli XCX had us, and still does, with the amazing “Stay Away

Californian indie pop came under our radar in March from the fantastic Lady Danville with “Operating”- check out our interview too!

DJ Roxanne Roll gave us this fantastic remix of SEASFIRE’s “Falling" one of our favourite tracks already of 2012 as did Cruelty.

New discoveries in March care of catching the end of a random TV show with this from Jonathan Seet and “Precious Things

We went a bit Hunger Games crazy at the end of March (too many times and counting). The soundtrack is very good with standouts from Arcade Fire “Abraham’s Daughter" and Maroon 5 "Come Away To The Water

Magnificent on her massive collaboration with Gotye on “Somebody That I Used To Know” here’s Kimbra in her own right, making a song from scratch for a spotify session at this year’s SXSW.

New things from Theophilus London featuring Blood Orange “Take It Off

Something big for 2012 in the shape of The Neighbourhood and “Sweater Weather

Hoodie Allen released his debut commercial EP on iTunes All American and the response was cray. With number 1 in US, top ten in UK and a tour currently in the works- this self made kid is on FIRE.  

The music world got very excited by southern rock outfit Alabama Shakes and their fantastic debut “Hold On”.

Kanye West and G.O.O.D. Music are doing a very good job of teasing us for the record label’s album- especially with “Mercy”.

Check out our interview with indie doo wop pop outfit Now You See Them

March and April saw 2 of the US’s biggest music festivals come around with SXSW and Coachella- check out our favourite performances from Jay- Z, Bon Iver, The Weeknd, Dre, Snoop and that 2pac hologram.

Getting very excited for the Sade-esque smooth sounds from Jessie Ware on tracks like “110%" and "Running".

Another of our favourite acts for 2012 is Mikey Mike and the wonderfully honest “Chainsaw Love” EP. We also chatted to Mikey Mike about just life and stuff.

Otherworldy and Arcade Fire-esque- Frankie Rose “Interstellar

Beautiful icelandic indie pop from Ourlives “We Lost The Race

disCOVERs- Some fantastic covers over the last two months from Mr & Mrs Fox and their mashup cover of M83 and Simple Minds “Midnight City/Don’t You Forget About Me”, the amazingly wonderful Emily Elbert and her cover of the classic “Crazy" by Patsy Cline, this year’s The A.V. Club’s Undercover Sessions kicked off with this delightful covers of R. Kelly’s "Ignition" by Young The Giant and The Head and The Heart covering Fleetwood Mac’s "Go Your Own Way”, The Rosebuds released a project covering Salt-N-Pepa’s “Push It” and Talking Heads “Road To Nowhere”Community's Alison Brie covered fellow castmate Donald Glover aka Childish Gambino with this live rendition of “Some Girls" and Marina & The Diamonds tackled the Biebs with this cover of "Boyfriend

and finally ITYLTS and Selfish D had our first annual Summer Off.



LIVE: The Naked and Famous “Young Blood (Daytrotter Session)”

As always Daytrotter have given us another amazing session, this time from New Zealander’s The Naked and Famous. The highlight of the session for me is “Young Blood”, I can’t help but get chills when I hear that intro and live it sound even more, dare I say it, magical. This alone is well worth the $2 a month subscription fee for Daytrotter so sign up. To check out the rest of the session including “Punching In A Dream” go here.

The Naked and Famous “Young Blood (Daytrotter Session) by ITYLTSmusic

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Chuck vs the Music

Over the weekend NBC’s Chuck came to an end after five seasons. It was bittersweet because it was time but it always sucks to say goodbye to something you love. Chuck was a great show full of heart, good times and great characters. It was also full of some absolutely great music selections introducing me to artists such as The National, Frightened Rabbit, Band of Horses, Local Natives, The Antlers, Blitzen Trapper, Clock Opera, The Naked and Famous, Freelance Whales, Telekinesis to name a few. Oh and it also re-ignited my love and appreciation for Bon Iver (and we all know how much I love them).

Now I know this is a music blog but I want to pay tribute to Chuck and its influence on my music tastes that ultimately filter into what I choose to contribute to ITYLTS. So here’s some of the music that made this show great.

We kick the list off with the stellar “Short Skirt, Long Jacket” by Cake, Chuck’s opening theme…and then enjoy the rest of it.

Chuck by P L Holton on Grooveshark

And if you haven’t ever heard of or watched Chuck just try the pilot…and see how you go from there…



The Naked and Famous

We know that everyone is raving about New Zealands The Naked and Famous, but give us a little break cause we’ve only really just started up here at ITYLTS (and actually we have posted on them before, the sick Dave Sitek remix of Young Blood so you can check that out). But we thought we’d dedicate a whole post to their debut album Passive Me + Agressive You. Its the kind of album that is going to launch this band into the music universe, and its the kind of album that could be very tough to follow but if we were TNAF we’d try and not think about that right now and just enjoy the ride. (I mean they must be pretty special, they’re the first New Zealand band to get a number one in their home country in years!)

The New Zealand fivesome came together at music school and built their sound from there. Their sound is electronica/punk/dance/indie/pop, it mixes all the best elements together to form an album full of catchy choruses, poignant lyrics and dance along tracks. Standout tracks for us are the opener All Of This, Girls Like You, Punching In A Dream and the maybe anthem of a generation Young Blood. If you don’t want to get the whole album, please at least give Young Blood a listen, it really is amazing. 

The Naked and Famous- “Young Blood”

The Naked and Famous- “Punching In A Dream”

The Naked and Famous- “Girls Like You”

The Naked and Famous- “All Of This”

For more info and ways to download Passive Me + Agressive You go to their official website here

Follow them on twitter here

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