Atmosphere: “Kanye West”

I’ve loved Atmosphere since hearing “Sunshine” for the first time. Atmosphere’s Slug is one of the most talented MCs out there, delivering real heartfelt lyrics over classic hip hop sampled beats. From the upcoming new album Southsiders, comes “Kanye West”, premiered on Pigeons + Planes, a fuelled hip hop boom bap banger. 

Grab Southsiders on May 6, pre order here



You Should Own This: #10

To be fair, we’ve already featured Atmosphere in You Should Own This. But considering the tad worse for wear state we’re in right now, we realise how much Sunshine should be in everyone’s lives. Perfect laid back beat just in time for the summer after a monster of a night before. Enjoy.

Atmosphere - Sunshine by johnny919

Sunshine is from the 5 track EP Sad Clown Bad Summer. You can get it here



You Should Own This: #8

Atmosphere is one of our favourite hip hop artists. This Minneapolis duo, consisting of rapper Slug and DJ Ant, is one of the best examples of real hip hop we’ve come across in both commercial and underground circles. Bubbling under the surface since the 1990s, those that know about Atmosphere know that this is some of the realest hip hop there is. If you don’t know about Atmosphere, you might recognise You that got some widespread attention back in ‘08. It was hard to pick just one song from Atmosphere, over all the others, that we think you should check out. Truth be told we think you should go and check out more from these guys after you listen to this one. But the one we would have to take on a desert island with us, gun to our head, is Yesterday from When Life Gives You Lemons, You Paint That Shit Gold. Enjoy.

Yesterday by iDaniAm2010

If you like that PLEASE go and check out more from Atmosphere here and the whole Rhymesayers family.