Elvyn: “The Decline”

There’s a post on Elvyn a whiles back, but it could have been lost in the opening weeks of this blog. So here’s something again on Elvyn’s The Decline. This track, from the album of the same name, is plain old fantastic rock music. It sounds as if it could come from the days of Blue Oyster Cult and the like, so you know its good. If you click on the lovely button ITYLTSmusic down there you can hear a few more tracks from Elvyn.

09 The Decline by ITYLTSmusic

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Elvyn (@ElvynMusic)

When I Think You’ll Like This Song first heard Canadian pop-folk group Elvyn, we liked what we heard so we got in contact with them to hear some more from this fantastic folk outfit. They sent us their album, The Decline, and we’ve been playing it non-stop ever since. 

A fantastic album full of pop-folk sing along songs that swing from the opener Those Were The Days a lovely up-tempo summer pop rock song that taps into those feeling of nostalgia for times gone by that we can all relate to. Lotta Lies immediately reminded ITYLTS of Blue Oyster Cult, a vibe that continues throughout the album. The brilliant Big Bay is a perfect song for driving a long enjoying the sights, or for sitting in your bedroom trying to do work, it works on all those levels. The titular The Decline is a rocky off beat affair that switches up the tone of the album slightly yet does not disrupt the flow. The albums closer I Was There ends the album with catchy guitar riffs, beautiful melodies and just great rock and roll.

ElvynMusic by ITYLTSmusic

If you like your pop-folk 60s/70s inspired (a la Blue Oyster Cult, Starland Vocal Band) this is the album for you. And if you’re not too sure, get this anyway because its a great album to spend an afternoon listening to. 

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