The xx: “Chained”

The xx previewed the second single “Chained” from their highly anticipated upcoming sophomore album Coexist. “Chained” is a soft, shimmering track backed by Jamie xx’s syncopated drums. Safe to say, everyone’s getting pretty excited about Coexist, available to pre-order here



disCOVER: Florence & The Machine “Take Care (Drake Cover)”

This needs to happen for real, its no secret that there is a lot of fan love between Drake and Flo, Drizzy even wanted her on his new album but it didn’t happen this time around. Flo and her well oiled machine stopped by BBC Radio 1’s Live Lounge today to play six tracks from her sophomore album Ceremonials. As per the Live Lounge tradition she also performed a cover and she picked a doozie. She picked the Drizzy remix of the Jamie xx remix of Gil Scott Heron’s I’ll Take Care Of You, still with me? 

Flo sounds awesome doing both RiRi and Drizzy’s parts, and her flows not too bad. I’m gonna say it again, this needs to happen for real.