Neneh Cherry: “Out of the Black ft. Robyn”

1988’s “Buffalo Stance" is a bonafide classic and that’s where you most probably know Neneh Cherry from. So let’s reintroduce ourselves to a 2014 Neneh Cherry which is rather different… different good. "Out of the Black" is a quirky too cool for school collaboration for ever welcome Robyn.

It’s got an Arcade Fire, St. Vincent, LCD Soundsystem kind of vibe…

Blank Project, Cherry’s first album in 18 years is out February 25th. 



LCD Soundsystem: Shut Up And Play The Hits (Documentary Trailer)

On April 2nd 2011 LCD Soundsystem played their farewell show at NYC’s Madison Square Gardens. I only got into them late 2010 but I was as sad as anyone when I heard that this was it (except for probably a reunion at glastonbury/coachella in maybe 10-15 years, fingers crossed). This documentary follows James Murphy and the rest of the band as they say goodbye to this one helluva ride, and of course the music used in this trailer is All My Friends…So here it is from that last show.

LCD Soundsystem - All my Friends by MaxRockatansky



ITYLTS Best of 2011: Best disCOVERS

So here comes another bit in my look at what rocked my world musically in 2011 (Check out the best songs of 2011 right here)

Anyway, Regular followers of the blog know that I do a feature called disCOVER where I post up covers that I like. I have always loved a good cover. I love finding new and different interpretations of songs I know really well, especially if they come way out of left field. There’s been some doozies over the year and again in no particular order, here are 20 of my favourites (with some extra bonus tracks that weren’t from 2011, but were bloody brilliant)


The Weeknd disCOVER double shot

The Weeknd had a huge year and you know you’re making it when already established artists are clambering to cover you stuff. There were some awesome covers knocking about this year but here are two of my favourites, from Brit Eliza Doolittle with a fantastically laid back stripped bare cover of The Morning and French Canadian Couer De Pirate bringing all her sweetness to Wicked Games

Eliza Doolittle - The Morning (The Weeknd Cover) by Melissa Casipit

Coeur de Pirate - Wicked Games by ozalup

Quadron: “Ex-Factor” (Lauryn Hill Cover)

You kind of have to watch this one. Lauryn Hill is usually pretty untouchable, but Quadron has come pretty darn close with this one. It is so simple, so bare but so so beautiful. 

Birdy- “1901” (Phoenix Cover)

I can’t bring myself to like Birdy’s take on Skinny Love, I’ve tried and I can’t. But this Phoenix cover has turned things around for me. Again this cover strips away and goes for the heart of the track, and she nails it.

Birdy - 1901 by OfficialBirdy

Enna: "Michicant" (Bon Iver Cover)

While I couldn’t get behind Birdy’s cover, I could get behind Germany’s Enna who has made a beautiful cover of Bon Iver’s Michicant. Incredibly raw and stripped back, the arrangement replaces some of the louder tones of the original with softer woodwind, acoustic guitars and my favourite, the glockenspiel. 

Bon Iver - Michicant - Cover by enna

Trails and Ways: "Midnight City" (M83 Cover)

M83’s Midnight City was a highlight of the year for me, as was Trails and Ways folksy world music take on it. Taking away all the electro synthy-ness of it, Trails and Ways gave us a beautiful organic version of this massive track.

Midnight City (M83 Cover) by TRAILS AND WAYS

Oh Land: “Bloodbuzz Ohio” (The National Cover)

Oh Land had quite a year this time around with her original material, but she grabbed my attention with her cover of The National’s Bloodbuzz Ohio. Transforming the sombre of the original into a more optimistic message gives Oh Land’s interpretation a beautiful angle- while keeping its haunting undertones.

Oh Land- Bloodbuzz Ohio (The National cover) by ITYLTSmusic

James Vincent McMorrow: “Wicked Games” (Chris Isaak Cover)”

McMorrow did two covers this year that people were interested in, one was of Willow Smith’s Whip My Hair and one was of Chris Isaak’s Wicked Games. Funnily enough, I’ve gone with McMorrow’s take on this 90s classic. JVMcM’s voice goes fantastically with this, how could it not?

James Vincent McMorrow - Wicked Game by Loud-SilenceDotCom

Owl Eyes: “Pumped Up Kicks” (Foster The People)

As you may know, the love on ITYLTS for Foster The People’s knows no bounds, so a cover has to be pretty special to come close to the original. Owl eyes does it with this live cover on Aussie Triple J of Pumped Up Kicks. A lot of people when they first hear Pumped Up Kicks fail to pick up on the sinister message, a kid shooting up his school, behind the lyrics because it just sounds like the chillest, coolest, happiest summer track. Owl Eyes’ take on it brings that message a little more to the forefront…Oh and it has glockenspiel on it so you know its going to be good.

Owl Eyes - Pumped Up Kicks (Foster The People) by fromgotowhoa.com

"I Can’t Make You Love Me" (Bonnie Raitt Cover)- Double Shot

Both Adele and Bon Iver had the best albums of the year and the both decided to cover Bonnie Raitt’s lament on an unrequited love I Can’t Make You Love Me. Both are beautiful as you’d expect, but I think out of the two, Bon Iver’s does it for me that little bit more. However, you know the Adele cover is ridiculously good too.

Bon Iver - I Can’t Make You Love Me by muffins_cube

I Can’t Make You Love Me [feat. Adele] by The Quiet Game

Tokyo Police Club: “All My Friends” (LCD Soundsystem)

Sadly LCD Soundsytem are no more, but thank god for covers for keeping the music alive. All My Friends in the original is a driving force of pianos, drums and is just perfect. Tokyo Police Club have come along and rocked it up, and it works. 

All My Friends by TokyoPoliceClub

The Vaccines: “Last Friday Night” (Katy Perry Cover)

The Vaccines have had a huge year so they came along and covered one of the biggest commercial tracks of the year, Katy Perry’s Last Friday Night. However, instead of the fun loving track, the indie band have infused it with something that sounds like it could have come from Joy Division or Echo & The Bunnymen…and it sounds great. The Vaccines - Last friday night (Katy Perry Cover) by bandalismo

Run Toto Run: “Sleepyhead” (Passion Pit Cover)

Oh the Glockenspiel strikes again. Run Toto Run strip back Passion Pit’s electro pop gem and replaces the synths with a beautifully played violin, glockenspiels, accordian, guitars and the good old fashioned handclap.

Run Toto Run - Sleepyhead (Passion Pit Cover) by fadedglamourblog

Barbara: “Pursuit Of Happiness” (Kid Cudi Cover)

Take a hardcore trancey/dancey/hip hop track take that all away and what do you have? Barbara’s beautiful version of Kid Cudi’s Pursuit of Happiness

Run Toto Run - Sleepyhead (Passion Pit Cover) by fadedglamourblog

The Civil Wars: “Billie Jean” (Michael Jackson Cover)

Who hasn’t tried to cover MJ, its like a rite of passage (especially on big tv music talent shows). The Civil Wars performed this flawless cover of Michael Jackon’s Billie Jean at their second show. Yeah, I said second. Honky Tonk, MJ’s gone country.

Billie Jean, The Civil Wars Live at Eddie’s Attic by megan-conravey

Mike Posner: “Rolling In The Deep” (Adele Cover)

I love this cover. Some people didn’t, go figure. Posner’s cover of the ubiquitous Rolling In The Deep really plays up the melancholic loss that underlies this powerhouse track.

Mike Posner - Rolling In The Deep (Adele Cover) by nogato

Winter Gloves: “True Blue” (Madonna Cover)

Paper Bag Records released a sampler of their artists covering Madonna and it was amazing. My favourite off the mix was Winter Gloves’ take on True Blue. While it may not have had a glockenspiel in it, it did have a saxophone solo and sometimes that’s even better.

Winter Gloves ‘True Blue’ (feat. Hannah Georgas) by Paper Bag Records

Finally, here’s some that I discovered this year but have been around for a while…

Antony & The Johnsons: “Crazy In Love” (Beyonce Cover)

Beyonce’s Crazy In Love like you have NEVER heard it before. Hauntingly beautiful. 

Antony And The Johnsons - Crazy In Love by eplistic

Mumford & Sons: “Not In Nottingham” (From Disney’s Robin Hood)

I couldn’t resist putting up the one with footage from the film. What a film, what a song.

Laura Marling ft. Mumford & Sons: “Jolene” (Dolly Parton Cover)

Mumford & Sons again, back when they were a live band supporting Laura Marling on this beautifully poignant cover of Dolly Parton’s Jolene.

Laura Marling + Mumford & Sons “Jolene” Live together by stephanedouillard

Local Natives: “Cecilia” (Simon & Garfunkel Cover)

I had to put the video of this because the guy is playing drums ON A TREE! Amazing.



What Was Liked Last Month: September

So I guess now summer is over. Though here in merry ol England we’ve been having some of the best weather yet, so you know, never say never… But anyways, here’s what ITYLTS really really liked in September…

Mauricio Lago (The Beatles “Eleanor Rigby” Cover)

Tokyo Police Club  (LCD Soundsystem “All My Friends” Cover)

Summer Camp (“Ghost Train”)

Bon Iver (Bon Iver Live at World Cafe)

Body Language (Remixes of “Falling Out (Tiger and Woods)” and “You Can (Star Slinger)”

When Saints Go Machine (“Kelly”)

Kasabian ("Days Are Forgotten (DJ Z-Trip Remix feat. LL Cool J)")

Adele (Bonnie Raitt “Can’t Make You Love Me” Cover)

Dum Dum Girls (“Coming Down”)

Cinematic Orchestra (Live “To Build A Home”)

Leona Lewis (“Collide w/ Avicii” and Alex Gaudino & Jason Rooney Remix)

The Kooks (Foster The People “Pumped Up Kicks” Cover)

Calvin Harris (“Feel So Close”)

Olympic Ayres (“Daylight” and “AnimalStatuS remix)

Josh Kumra (“Don’t Go” Acoustic)

Marcus Foster (“I Was Broken”)

Husband (“Ordinary” and Interview with the band)

Elvyn (“The Decline”)

The Beatles (“Eleanor Rigby” (Skills Remix))

Slow Club (“You, The Earth or Ash”) 

Zulu Winter (“Silver Tongue”)

E-Dubble (“Life Coach”)

Bombay Bicycle Club (“Lights Out, Words Gone”)

Childish Gambino (“Bonfire”)

Foster The People (“Pumped Up Kicks” Bridge and Law Remix)

ANR (“It’s Around You”)

Beirut (NPR’s Tiny Desk Concert”)

Florence + The Machine (“Shake It Out” and The Weeknd Remix)

James Vincent McMorrow (Chris Isaak “Wicked Games” Cover)

Star Slinger (“Dumbin’ feat Reggie B”)

Matt & Kim (“Daylight” Stic Man Ra Remix)

The Dandy Warhols (“We Used To Be Friends” Daytrotter Session)



disCOVER: Tokyo Police Club “All My Friends (LCD Soundsystem Cover)”

Tokyo Police Club are doing ten covers in ten days from the last ten years of music. They have smashed this cover of this classic LCD Soundsystem track All My Friends. Its pretty faithful but turns it from its electro goodness into indie-rock goodness. Its great. 

All My Friends by TokyoPoliceClub

Tokyo Police Club: WebsiteFacebookTwitter



disCOVER: Baths “All My Friends (LCD Soundsystem Cover)”

We love things like Radio 1’s Live Lounge, Triple J’s Like A Version, The Black Cab Sessions and the Daytrotter Sessions. Basically we love it when artists show off their chops and make brilliant live music. Adding to this list we now have the brilliant The AV Club’s Undercover sessions. The concept behind the Undercover sessions is that fans get in contact and choose 25 songs that they want to hear covered, bands come in and choose from the list. Once a song is chosen, its off the list. It started last year and now The AV Club have started their 2011 season, and they’re some great covers already up and some great ones sure to come, click on the links above to hear more.

We’ve gone with a cover of one of our favourite songs, LCD Soundsystem’s All My Friends. We’d never heard of the band before that covered them, but now after watching we want to hear more of Baths (check out the myspace for more info). It is a beautifully stripped down version of All My Friends with just a piano and a pair of knees and feet for drums. Enjoy. 

Baths cover LCD Soundsystem