INTERVIEW: Newtimers


Back in early August, a tweet popped up on St. Lucia’s feed with a link to Newtimers, a Scandinavian duo with dazzling warm synths and an undeniable 80s rnb smooth groove- that was the Ego EP and I was hooked.

I got the chance to chat with Tim from the group about Newtimers, why Scandinavia makes great pop music, being signed to super producers Stargate and if ‘Trains' were their favourite kind of transport (SPOILER- it’s not). 

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Newtimers: “Trains”

Saw this pop up on St. Lucia’s twitter feed and thought that if this guy listens to it, it can’t be half bad. I was wrong, it is amazing. “Trains” has got a quite nice r&b funk feel to it before it completely switches up into this Boyz II Men piano breakdown.

Its like 80s MJ.

"Trains" is from the Ego EP, listen here

Newtimers: WebsiteFacebookTwitterSoundcloud



Dornik: “Something About You”

When Disclosure tweeted about this London singer (signed to PMR along with Disclosure and Jessie Ware) they used the description “future/michael jackson”… and they were kinda right. Dornik’s “Something About You” is a shimmery synthy rnb cut and just sounds right.

Dornik: TwitterSoundcloud



Mash Ups: The Hood Internet “Billie Wildcat Jean”

We adore Ratatat, we love Michael Jackson. Mash Up impresarios The Hood Internet have put our two loves together and made Billie Wildcat Jean. Hate it or love it, check it out either way.

The Hood Internet “Billie Wildcat Jean”

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disCOVER: The Civil Wars “Billie Jean (Michael Jackson Cover)”

Through are research for our previous post (right below) on The Civil Wars we found this amazing cover of Billie Jean. Enjoy.