Pharrell: “Happy”

By now you’ve probably read or heard about Pharrell William’s latest project, the world’s first 24 hour video. I don’t think the intention was to get people to sit down and watch the whole thing, but if you go to 24hoursofhappy.com, you get a feel for what they’re trying to do. Whatever time it is where you are (whatever timezone), that’s where the video will start playing from. So dip in, dip out and jam some happy into your day with a whole host of special guests funking out on the streets of LA.

There is also a handy 4 minute video of the song “Happy” out there to enjoy (above)- a bite size snippet if you will of the 24hour madness. 



Sunny & Gabe: Free Candy

Sunny & Gabe started from an awkward handshake and out of that interaction came some of the freshest music of 2013 and the Free Candy EP is the icing on the cake. 

Premiering on Pigeon and Planes last week, I’ve only had a chance to listen to it today after a twitter discussion with Sunny about the pros/cons of King Krule reminded me about the EP.

Free Candy explodes into your ears with the monstrously (geddit) “Godzilla” as Sunny’s lazily shimmering vocals graze over the expansive and cinematic production from Gabe. Its a perfect partnership and Free Candy continues to prove this on synthy “Story Time”, and blog favourites “Clouds” and “Forget Love" featuring Odd Future’s Mike G. This is an impressive debut from a still very young group, look out for more from this exciting VA duo. 

Download Free Company here and check out an ITYLTS interview with them from earlier this year. 

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Earl Sweatshirt: “Sunday ft. Frank Ocean”

Truth be told, I haven’t been following Earl Sweatshirt all that much. I know he has a hotly anticipated album Doris out now and I’ll probably listen to it. But I saw on Pitchfork that their ‘Best New Track’ is “Sunday” from Earl Sweatshirt featuring his Odd Future bandmate Frank Ocean- a rapping Frank Ocean. Its a pretty dope track, languid and loose with Earl’s trademark word filled nonchalant delivery. Nice.



Frank Ocean: “Blue Whale”

Did y’all see Ocean’s SNL performance? You should. Anyway, here’s a track from Frank called “Blue Whale” where he switches the singing for rapping, its sweet and simple. 



Tyler the Creator & Toro y Moi: “Hey You”

Sounds cool to me…

Toro y Moi and Tyler the Creator have come together to serve up summer. Apparently it’s unfinished but “Hey You” is bonafide funkafied, ya dig? 



Remix Baby: 2011 (RAC Remix)

I know, I know…I haven’t been around that much lately, lets blame the festive season and fuzzy heads. Hopefully I’m back now and in the next coming weeks I’ll be throwing in my best of 2011, what I’m looking forward to in 2012 and just good freaking music, as always.

Lets start this off right though with RAC’s 2011 remix. Every year Hype Machine put together their zeitgeist ish of the year (songs, albums, artists and what have you) and they also get some lovely people to mash up all these things together in a downloadable remix session. This year they’ve got Odd Future, The Go! Team, Jensen Sportag and RAC doing wondeful remixes. I’m staying loyal to one of my favourite remix artists out there RAC and throwing their amazing 2011 Music Blog Zeitgeist Mix up.

 Starting off with Phantogram's amazing Don’t Move it moves seamlessly through all the greats of the year with Theophilus London, M83, Toro Y Moi, Neon Indian, Justice, Lykke Li, Sunday Girl, The Rapture and Foster The People to name a few. Happy 2011…Bring on 2012. 

RAC vs The Hype Machine - 2011 Music Blog Zeitgeist Mix by hypem

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