So back in the day I used to do a monthly round up of what was posted up to catch you guys up, then that moved to a bi-monthly thing because I kept forgetting and now we’ve achieved a world record (olympic fever y’all) and we’re going for the big three month round up, it just got real. 

Here are the highlights of the last three months…

Check out the ITYLTS Best of 2012…so far - 30 of the best of 2012

Work Drugs dropped their latest album Absolute Bearing, with “Boogie Lights”, “License to Drive” and I chatted to them about important worldly issues

Childish Gambino dropped a new mixtape Royalty (first new material since last year’s Camp). Highlights were his collaboration with Beck on “Silk Pillows

The Neighbourhood released their debut EP, I’m Sorry and got everyone very excited for what was going to come next, definitely check out “Sweater Weather

Frank Ocean surprised the internet by releasing his hotly anticipated debut album Channel Orange a week before originally scheduled, before all this “Pyramids" gave us a taster of what we were to expect from the album. 

Hit-Boy stepped from behind the boards in the studio to say hey I can rap, here’s “Old School Caddy" with Kid Cudi. 

Passion Pit gave us the first taste of their new album Gossamer with “Take A Walk" "Constant Conversations" and "I’ll Be Alright

Moby re-recorded “Extreme Ways" for the new Bourne film. 

Tame Impala have new material out, “Elephant" and "Apocalypse Dreams

The Olympics are upon us and Underworld were in charge of the music for the opening ceremony, check out “Caliban’s Dream" featuring Alex Trimble from Two Door Cinema Club- who also have new track out "Sleep Alone

Fiona Apple came out of a hiatus to deliver her first album in 7 years, The Idler Wheel… and did not disappoint- check out “Every Single Night

Yeasayer teased their new album with “Henrietta” and “Longevity

The Griswolds followed up “Mississippi” with the amazing “Heart of a Lion" while chatting with me about even more important global issues

The Helio Sequence broke their silence with “October" from their forthcoming album.

Nas came back to a career high with new album Life is Good, check out “Bye Baby" and "Cherry Wine ft. Amy Winehouse

Theophilus London dropped his new mixtape Rose Island, Vol. 1 with the amazing cover of Wang Chung’s “Dance Hall Days

The xx leaked the first track “Angels" from Coexist, the follow up to their massive debut. 

The Antlers released a game changing EP Undersea, “Drift Drive

Hoodie Allen kept on giving with “Hey Now" that didn’t quite make it to All American

Freelance Whales has a new album coming out, here’s “Locked Out

Slow Club had a video starring Daniel Radcliffe for “Beginners

Carly Rae Jepson took over the whole world with “Call Me Maybe”, so check out these live performances with Jimmy Fallon and covers by Ben Howard. 

Remix, Baby: Some amazing remixes of AlunaGeorge, Fiona Apple, Theophilus London, The Weeknd, Lana Del Rey and Imagine Dragons and of course remix artist LEANN GRIMES.

disCOVER: Here are some flipped covers of Lana Del Rey, Robyn, Twin Peaks by She’s So Rad, Foster The People by Usher, Coldplay, SpoonFrankie goes to Hollywood by Fossil Collective, Body Language by Emil & Friends, Gotye by fun. and Active Child by Ellie Goulding.  

New Discoveries (new to me at least): the amazing of Verona, Kick Up The Fire, Splash, Friends, JMSN, Rhye, UMA, Alex Evans, Big K.R.I.T., Wild Combination and Youth Lagoon

Summer Playlist 2012 with Poolside, Trails and Ways, RAC, The Knocks, Blackbird Blackbird and Tyler the Creator & Toro Y Moi

Biggest Videos: If you haven’t seen these, well go and see brand new videos from Lana Del Rey, Delta Heavy, Watch The Throne, Coldplay & Rihanna, San Cisco and Charli XCX

Enjoy party people.  



disCOVER: Theophilus London “Dance Hall Days (Wang Chung Cover)”

Last week, Theophilus London dropped his latest mixtape Rose Island Vol. 1 and by far the highlight is TL’s cover of Wang Chung’s 80s classic “Dance Hall Days”. It’s faithful with two great TL verses putting his mark all over it. London is at his best over these type of 80s throwbacks, so please keep doing it. 

Download Rose Island Vol. 1 right here.



Theophilus London: Rose Island Vol. 1 Mixtape

Theophilus London is one of the most interesting artists out there right now. Mixing in hip hop with 80s funk rnb isn’t new by any means, but London’s angle is no doubt fresh. Today, TL gave us a 17 track mixtape Rose Island Vol. 1 with appearances from A$AP Rocky, Mark Ronson, Big Boi and frequent collaborator Blood Orange. TL gets his sing on and it sounds so good. 



Remix Baby: Theophilus London “Why Even Try (Bloody Beetroots Remix)”

Since chatting to The Griswolds (just down there) I’ve been on a bit of a Theophilus London rampage and found this awesome remix of “Why Even Try” by Bloody Beetroots. Enjoy.

INTERVIEW: The Griswolds

Sun tinged indie pop from Australia is a dime a dozen but when you have something as delicious and well done as “Mississippi” from The Griswolds, that doesn’t really matter. The song is full of everything that makes a catchy indie pop song, an infectious beat, sing along chorus and it makes you feel happy plain and simple.

I caught up with the guys behind the awesomeness to ask who the hell are The Griswolds, what does Australia put in the water, their love of hip hop and whether they’d rather have an elephant sized puppy or puppy sized elephant…

Who are The Griswolds?

We are 5 boys from NSW. All from the burbs.

In National Lampoon, Chevy Chase plays someone called Clark Griswold. Are you a fan of Community? If not, why not? And where did the name “The Griswolds” come from?

Yeah, we are fans but not in any kind of obsessive way. (ITLYTS- no…me neither, not obsessed at all…)

The name actually came about because everyone hated our first two band names, which I still stand by as being fucking sick band names. the 3rd name we came up with was ‘The Palms’ and it was taken by a band in our city. So in the end, we just needed somethng that worked. Naming a band is harder than making an entire record. Well a good name is anyway. 

What got you all up to this point as The Griswolds?

Pure luck and lots of love for one an another. 

I’m always very impressed by Australia’s music scene and especially the up and coming stuff- what is it about Australia that encourages it?

I dunno…. we all like it too, there’s definately something in the water at the moment

Do you think you’ll stay in Australia or look to broaden horizons, literally?

No idea, we go wherever the wind takes us. I think we’ll always have Australia as a base, even if we are living elsewhere for extended periods of time.

How was “Mississippi” created- what usually inspires you to write? Who does most of the writing or is it everyone?

Mississippi was an idea that existed before the band did, it waas inspired by the need to get out of mundane song writing habits. we have 2 key writers.

What are your biggest influences?

Hip hop, mostly, like Theophilis London is sick, Yeezy, Sometimes Jay Z, but then I dunno now what else, we like heaps of indie, we love old stuff too but it’s definitely not an influence.

Who would you love to collaborate with?

John Lennon & Kanye. all together. (ITYLTS- oh my god, that collaboration would be INSANE) 

What would be your dream venue?

Dunno, something outdoorsy at sunset by the beach sounds nice. 

Any bands or artists that you’re super excited about right now? What song is on repeat for you right now?

Yeah, we really like Theophilis London I’m dying for his new record, Devendra Banhart will always be the ultimate song smith.  I honestly love so much music, local international, every time I hear a new record I’m like “best record ever”.

Gun to your head, THE album and THE song you have to listen to for the rest of your life?

Honestly, i’d probably try some Jet Li shit on the guy holding the gun and get shot in the process, but one song for eternity is a far worse alternative.

Hunger Games, Twilight or Harry Potter?

HP wins that one. haven’t seen hunger games, and thers no way anyones admitting they like Twilight  (ITYLTS- i read this as their secretly fans…)

Can you throw another shrimp on the Barbie?

that’s Racist. but no, were all shit chefs

What movie/book/tv show/thing are you really into right now, what’s the current obsession?

Breaking Bad, Entourage is a constant obsesson, brandy (the drink not the singer) (ITYLTS- why not the singer? didn’t everyone love moesha?)

What’s next for The Griswolds?

Our video, our next single, the EP all come soon, prolly some tours too.

Would you rather have an elephant sized puppy or a puppy sized elephant?

Haawwww my god, a little elephant for sure!!!!!!! Now I really want one. We love animals. Crazy about dogs, we have dogs and they do everything with us.

Since this is I Think You’ll Like This Song- What song do you think we’d like?

go listen to “I want you” -  by Theophilis London. Great mix of ‘current’ meets ‘Soul legend’.

15 - I Want You (Marvin Gaye Cover) - Theophilus London by john dear

Big love to The Griswolds everyone!! 

The Griswolds: FacebookSoundcloudTwitter



Theophilus London: “Take It Off (Dim The Lights) ft. Blood Orange”

Here’s something new from Theophilus London who took my summer by storm last year with his Lovers Holiday EP including “Why Even Try” and “Flying Overseas”. On the latter London collaborated with Devonte Hynes of Blood Orange and on this new track “Take It Off (Dim The Lights)” he’s done it again from upcoming release Rose Island. It’s got that laidback 80s funk flow and it sounds so so good. Grab a free download of it here.

Theophilus London (feat Blood Orange) - Take It Off (Dim The Lights) by GoodMusicAllDay LLC

Theophilus LondonWebsiteTwitter



ITYLTS Best of 2011: Best Remixes, Baby

Oh the remix. Making bad songs good, good songs great, and great songs freaking amazing. Whether you absolutely love the original, the remix (if done right) can make you discover and appreciate things in a track that often goes over looked in its original form, don’t ask me how, it just does. 2011 was a good year for remixes (However, I’m not sure if 2011 was a great year for wine…time will tell) so here are my favourite ones of the year…


…and I can’t pick just one. Remixer Shane Conerty aka LEANN GRIMES came to my attention with some of the best remixes I’ve heard this year. Taking indie tracks and mishing and mashing and mixing things up, LEANN GRIMES ear for music sets him apart. 

Cats & Dogs in Idaho by LeannGrimes

Held Hands Coming Apart by LeannGrimes

The xx- “Intro” (Kenny Burke Edit)

The XX - Intro (Kenny Burke Edit) by Kenny Burke

I’ve always said that the problem with The xx’s Intro is its over way too quickly for my liking. Its a phenomenal song that puts you right in ‘that mood’ from the start and then its over… So thank you Kenny Burke who has extended this to eight minutes plus, adding some beats, some dazzling synth arpeggios and keeping ‘that mood’ tone. God bless you Burke.

Bon Iver: “Towers” (Sango Remix) + (Karma Kid Re-Rub)

I couldn’t stick to just one of these remixes. Each one brings something different. Sango’s adds a big beat and lets the instrumental do its thing as it rides over it. Karmas slows it down, lets the vocals do their things and adds a whistle. Both brilliant. 

Bon Iver - Towers (Sango Remix) by SangoBeats

Bon Iver - Towers (Karma Kid Re-Rub) by Karma Kid.

The Neon Lights

The Neon Lights from the UK came out with two of my favourite remixes of the year. Funnily enough they’re remixes of The xx and Bon Iver, so we’re really not breaking that much new ground in this post so far… But seriously these remixes are golden. Taking Bon Iver’s Hinnom, TX and The xx’s Crystalized and doing something amazing with both of them, 

Bon Iver - Hinnom, TX (The Neon Lights bootleg) by The Neon Lights

XX crystalised - The Neon Lights remix by The Neon Lights

Matt & Kim: “Daylight” (Stic Man Ra Remix) + “Block After Block” (Echoes Club Edit) + (Teen Daze 80s Teen Gang Movie Remix)

I couldn’t stick to one, again. There are always some great remixes of Matt & Kim’s stuff, probably because you’ve got something pretty good to work with already. Stic Man Ra’s remix of Daylight adds a lead guitar, a tight hip hop beat and a guitar solo to close. I’ve picked two remixes of Block After Block because both bring something awesome to the Matt & Kim table. Echoes brings along some 90s piano and some synths while Teen Daze brings along video games sounds and some synths. All good fun.

Matt and Kim - “Daylight (Stic Man Ra Remix)” by Green Label Sound

Matt and Kim - Block After Block (Echoes Club mix) by differentrecordings

Matt & Kim - Block After Block (Teen Daze’s 80s Teen Gang Movie Remix) by teendaze

Foster The People: “Pumped Up Kicks” (MNDR Remix)

I mean, who didn’t remix FTP this year. It seemed like every week someone was releasing another remix of Pumped Up Kicks. I’ve painstakingly narrowed all these down to just one favourite remix of Pumped Up Kicks by MNDR. It completely transforms the original, taking the bassline vocals and adding to it a sick dance beat. And if you want to check out all the others…soundcloud bitches.

Foster The People - Pumped Up Kicks (MNDR Remix) by loadedlove

The Naked and Famous: “Young Blood” (Dave Sitek Remix)

TV On The Radio’s Dave Sitek is a demon when it comes to remixes, and when he turned his attention to The Naked and Famous’ smash Young Blood, he did it right proud. Adding a little Japanese flavour with some massive snares, this is on par with the original and for a night out…it just noses ahead.

The Naked And Famous - Young Blood (Dave Sitek Remix) by The Naked And Famous

Adele- Rumour Has It (Rascal Remix)

Adele had a helluva year in 2011, no bones about it. Rumour Has It is my favourite track off 21, and this remix just keeps up the love. This, without fail, gets me hyped for a night out, its just a massive dance track. Get involved.

Adele - Rumour Has It - RASCAL Remix by djrascalmusic

GIVERS: “Up, Up, Up” (CSS Remix)

Love the original and love the CSS switch on it. Keeping the fun and happy style, CSS adds some guitar and a catchy dance beat. What more could you want?

Givers - ‘Up Up Up’ (CSS remix) by Stayloose

Kanye West: “Monster” (Another Somewhat Hellish Cazzette Bootleg)

Oh this goes hard. The original went hard, but this Cazzette remix takes it to another level. It speeds up and slows down vocals, adds a dubstep break, mixes in some d’n’b and just takes it to the next level.

CAZZETTE vs Kanye West, Rick Ross, Jay-Z, Bon Iver & Nikki Minaj - I’m A Motherf**king Monster by Cazzette

Theophilus London: “Why Even Try” (RAC Remix)

It was hard to narrow down RAC’s amazing year of remixes to just one, but this remix of Theophilus London’s Why Even Try is the one for me. Taking away that heavy juicy bassline and adding in a sweet video gamey riff. 

Theophilus London ft. Sara Quin - Why Even Try (RAC Mix) by RAC

Childish Gambino: “Freaks & Geeks” (Star Slinger Remix)

Star Slinger had a huge 2011 truly making some major noise with his remixes. Having an endorsement from Childish Gambino probably didn’t hurt and much deserved with this remix of Freaks & Geeks

Childish Gambino - Freaks and Geeks (Star Slinger Remix) by Star Slinger

Freelance Whales: “Hannah” (Lightwaves Remix)

Now this is one that I prefer over the original, sorry Freelance Whales. Lightwave’s remix of Hannah is infectious fun, kicking drums and synths all round and puts me in a good mood everytime so can’t be all bad. 

Freelance Whales - Hannah (Lightwaves Remix) by chooseyourownadventure



ITYLTS Best of 2011: Best Songs

Now a lot of musico peeps out there put out their countdowns in December. I’m putting mine out in January and my reasons are twofold 1) What if I had missed something that was absolutely amazing in the last week of December huh?? and 2) I’m only just getting round to it now. Two big factors, you decide which one had more influence on timing…

So here goes…

(I tried to narrow this down to 50…but couldn’t. They’re in no particular order either, they’re all just out there for you to peruse, discover, enjoy and love.)

Happy listenings my lovelies.

Here are the tracks that have helped make the soundtrack to 2011 for me…

Alexander- A Million Years 

Alexander Ebert stepped out on his own this year away from the eclectic collective Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros. A Million Years isn’t too far away from what he has done with Ed Sharpe and the gang, a sweet plodding a long little ditty.


Beyonce- Party ft. Andre 3000

There was much to celebrate in 2011 for Bey (and in 2012 it looks like too, welcome to the world Blue Ivy). Mrs. Carter played a phenomenal headline set at Glastonbury, released one of her finest albums to date and announced to the world she was expecting. With all that celebration going on thank god she had the perfect song to..erm…party with.


Childish Gambino- Freaks & Geeks

You may know him as Troy from NBC’s Community, as Donald Glover or as the rapper Childish Gambino. Whatever you want to call him, the dude has had a great year. With the release of Camp, his first full length studio album, Glover showed that he wasn’t an actor who dabbles in rap…he is a rapper AND an actor. Even though Camp was bonkers good, the highlight of the year for me was Freaks & Geeks, a near 4 minute rhyme with perfect delivery, hilarious wordplay and effortless style.


Theophilus London- Why Even Try ft. Sara Quinn

Now it was hard to choose between this and the beautiful Flying Overseas, but Why Even Try nosed ahead…just. I’d like to explain why but I can’t really, its a feeling. Either way as soon as I heard this track from TL I was hooked, from the 80s esque rnb funk to the beautiful guest vocals of Sara Quinn. London did something different with hip hop this year, keep doing it. 


Little Tybee- Nero

One of the perks of being a music blogger is when you get emails from a band about their music and then you see the band start to get attention in their own right. Enter Little Tybee. With their beautiful folk sound and rich musical arrangements, Little Tybee are set to do big things in 2012 (did you see the video for Boxcar Fair?).


E-Dubble- Where We Are

E-Dubble had a banging 2011. From the Written Thursday mixtape to the stand alone tracks he keeps giving us for free, E-Dubble is on track for an even bigger 2012. I could have gone with a few E-Dubble joints in this list but I went for Where We Are as it never fails to get me ready for whatever the night will bring…everytime.


Work Drugs- Blue Steel

I first came across Work Drugs with their cover of Adele’s Rolling In The Deep, a very interesting and different cover. Then they started releasing some of their debut original material and it is just beautiful. On board with the chill wave genre, Work Drugs take everything about the genre and make it into something amazing, especially with Blue Steel.


The Rosebuds- Woods

There’s something so epic about the beginning of Woods like its the start of something big, at least thats what I always feel when I hear it. Then it launches into this anthemic chorus and then you know you’re onto a winner. I found them in their relationship with Bon Iver and if you got to see them on tour this year opening for Bon Iver, well you are very very lucky indeed.


Adele- Rumour Has It

Musically, 2011 belonged to Adele. No bones about it. You couldn’t go anywhere without hearing Rolling In The Deep or the universally adored Someone Like You. Both songs would have fitted nicely into my best of 2011 but I’ve gone for Rumour Has It simply for the sheer attitude and fun that comes along with listening to this slice of perfection.


Phantogram- Don’t Move

The NYC duo came back with their new material Don’t Move. With lots of samples and heavy beats, the track was everything and more that you come to expect from them.


The Weeknd- The Knowing

2011 belonged to Adele, but The Weeknd was close behind nipping at her heels, and he is in the running to owning 2012 as well. His mixtape trilogy of House of Balloons, Thursday and Echoes of Silence pretty much exploded apart the internet and made way for an exciting approach to getting, successfully, music out there. Along with Frank Ocean and others, The Weeknd’s Abel Tresfaye and his producer Illangelo are paving the way for how R&B will sound in the next couple of years. Tell me you’re not excited about this guy…and then I’ll know you’re lying.  


GIVERS- Up, Up, Up 

Paul Simon brought it to the mainstream with Graceland, Vampire Weekend made it hipster cool and GIVERS are carrying on the tradition. Ridiculously fun and infectious, GIVERS are making the kind of music that just puts a smile on your face and makes you get up and boogie, especially with Up, Up, Up.


M83- Midnight City

2011 was huge for M83 thanks to the absolutely amazing Midnight City (and maybe its use on Made In Chelsea…at least in the UK). As soon as those synths and drum beat kicks in you know you’re onto something incredibly special. The album Hurry Up, We’re Dreaming lives up to the promise of Midnight City, I’m just excited about what he’s going to do next!


Little Dragon- Ritual Union

As soon as I heard Ritual Union I had to get it. Little Dragon have been slogging it out for a while but have swung into the mainstream this year with that amazing tune (and a feature on SBTRKT’s Wildfire). 


Husband- Ordinary

I think Husband is one of my favourite discoveries of the year. Ordinary had me as soon as the chorus came in, the rest of the EP just as much. I grabbed the chance to interview Mike (from Husband) straight away and I cannot wait to see what he’s going to do in 2012 and will be backing him all the way.


Beirut- East Harlem

Beirut’s 2011 album Rip Tides had some absolute gems on it and it was a toss up between Sante Fe and East Harlem as to which would make the list. East Harlem got it as it was one I had listened to most out of the two. Bringing balkan folk to trendy music type ears, Beirut did it with the lovely East Harlem.


Emeli Sande- Daddy

Another one that I will predict will have a big year in 2012. Heaven was everywhere last summer and her feature on Professor Green’s Read All About It made her a familiar name. Daddy showcased why she is a much sought after songwriter and her trip hop sound goes down a treat. Cannot wait to see what else comes a long from this medically trained singer/songwriter.


Metronomy- Everything Goes My Way

What more is there to say about Metronomy that hasn’t already been said by pretty much every music critic out there. From the mercury prize nominated album English Riviera, Everything Goes My Way is a laid back, some what European sounding, classic pop song. You can’t go wrong.


Frank Ocean- Novacane

If The Weeknd and Frank Ocean are the future of R&B, I’m not worried. Frank Ocean made big things happen for him when he released his mixtape Nostalgia, ULTRA for free via his tumblr. With two guest appearances on one of the most eagerly anticipated albums of the year, Ye’s and Jay’s Watch The Throne, the world is Frank Ocean’s oyster. Novacane was my favourite track off the mixtape, that beat…that beat.


Cults- Go Outside

Infectious unapologetic pop came out fighting this year and Cults were right at the heart of it. Go Outside is infectious fun right from the start, the albums not half bad either.


The National- Exile Vilify

The National had a relatively quiet year up until November when they released a few new tracks they had done live in session with indie golden child Justin Vernon. Back in April though, Exile Vilify was released alongside Portal 2, which it was featured in. It’s classic The National, what else is there to say?


Florence + The Machine- Shake It Out

Probably one of the most eagerly awaited albums of 2012 was the sophomore effort from Florence Welch. Shake It Out was exactly what fans were craving for, a big epic track with that big epic voice. 


Bon Iver- Towers

Now this was tough, I could have pretty much picked the whole of Bon Iver, Bon Iver to put on this list but that would be unfair. Since its release back in June, my favourite track from the album has changed and right now it is Towers. A more countryfied affair, I just love the ‘drop’ of it. As always.


CSS- Red Alert ft. Ratatat

I hadn’t heard much from CSS since their Listen To Death From Above single a few years ago, to be fair I wasn’t actively looking. When this popped up on my radar I fell in love all over again with the Brazilian collective. Partnered with the amazing Ratatat, CSS deliver a sweet upbeat party track with Red Alert chocablock with the fun sexy innuendos they are known for. 


San Cisco- Golden Revolver

Australia always seems to be good for new music and this summer Western Australia gave us San Cisco and the happy go lucky sun filled Golden Revolver. As soon as the song opens, the riff takes you way to the land down under of sun, sea and surf and lets you stay there for three minutes.


The Good Natured- Skeleton

Found The Good Natured on their feature on Adrian Lux’s massive tune Alive (coming up in a minute). After listening to a few more of their tracks, The Good Natured have gained a place in my best of the year with Skeleton. With quite an upbeat albeit eerie start, Skeleton really gets going when the chorus kicks in. For fans of Marina and The Diamonds (and I didn’t even really warm to them).


Drake- Over My Dead Body 

Drake’s album Take Care was one of the best of the year, a great showcase of the direction that hip hop is going. For me, it was the albums opener Over My Dead Body that did it for me. The laid back keys, the chilled out vocals and OVO’s own’s flawless delivery. You cannot deny that attitude.


Future Islands- Balance

This was featured on HBO’s How To Make It In America. Sadly that has been cancelled now, but this show had some super cool music (M83, Summer Camp, Blood Orange to name a few). Balance is just good synthy chill wave goodness, trust me.


Rihanna- Drunk On Love

Now this might split some people down the middle. Rihanna came along on her new album Loud and sampled The xx, the amazing Intro. I personally think its a great use of it but I understand that it might not be everyone’s cup of tea.


Hello Goodbye- Finding Something To Do

Hello Goodbye hit the mainstream a few years ago with the electro poppy track In Your Arms. This year they came back with a new album and a new sound. Still upbeat, preppy and happy, they’ve gone into a more indie rock direction and its paid off. Finding Something To Do is a busy get going track right from the start and will have you singing along in no time.


Lana Del Rey- Video Games

I could have put Born To Die, Blue Jeans or Off To The Races up here. I am obsessed with the self proclaimed gangsta Nancy Sinatra. I didn’t catch onto Video Games straight away, but when I did that was it for me, I was hooked. Her album Born To Die is one of the ones I’m looking forward to most right now. If you haven’t heard Video Games (and its pretty hard to miss) it is a slow, sultry ballad that took the internet by storm in every single way it could.


Kites With Lights- Cosmonaughts

I haven’t heard that much more from Kites With Lights than Cosmonaughts but that track is good enough to tide me over with. Super busy with a high energy beat, 80s synths and catchy melodies, Cosmonaughts is a rare treat for the ears. 


Matt and Kim- Block After Block

How can you not like these two. The energy they put into their tracks and videos transcend through the headphones to the muscles in your face and suddenly your smiling. Block After Block is no exception. 


Big Harp- Everybody Pays

2011 has been a big year for the boy/girl duo with Angus and Julia Stone, The Civil Wars and The Belle Brigade doing great things. Big Harp joins these guys with Everybody Pays a sweet unassuming acoustic based track.


Summer Camp- Better Off Without You

2011 has been kind to Summer Camp. The release of Welcome To Condale made plenty of best of lists and their nostalgic chill wave take on John Hughes has earned them fans all over the place. Better Off Without You is the perfect slice of 80s infused indie pop and will get you going straight away with that footloose esque riff.


Telekinesis- Please Ask For Help

Another 80s infused indie pop slice from Telekinesis with Please Ask For Help. Perfect for the party or headphone listening, this track from the brain of drummer/singer Michael Lerner has a big beat and catchy melodies alongside a tip top guitar riff.


St. Lucia- The Old House Is Gone

2011 was all about chillwave, to be fair I’m still unsure about the ins and outs of the genre, but I know St. Lucia was a big part of it with his first release The Old House Is Gone. It sounds epic with that beat and synths, St. Lucia is going somewhere.


The Ravonettes- Forget That You’re Young

Forget That You’re Young is another great indie pop track with a bassline intro that takes me all way to Twin Peaks (whether or not that is a good or bad thing I’ll let you know when I’m there)


Adrian Lux- Alive ft. The Good Natured

One of my most played songs of this year was Adrian Lux’s beast of a track Teenage Crime. Back in Novemer, Adrian Lux came back big with Alive featuring vocals from The Good Natured. It is a massive track that has one of the best drops going, seriously when it hits those synths big things happen and it goes off crazy…as do i.


Elvyn- The Decline

Elvyn was one of the bands that emailed me this year and I’m so glad they did. The Decline is an awesome track that blends together 70s classic rock with the modern world. Look out for these guys, I’m seeing good things happening.


Death Cab For Cutie- You Are A Tourist

Death Cab For Cutie have been around for a while and in 2011 they released their latest album Codes and Keys. It was a great album and You Are A Tourist was an amazing track, as was the video.


James Blake- The Wilhelm Scream

James Blake had a helluva year but I only downloaded The Wilhelm Scream back in December. Late to the game. James Blake minimalist approach has paid off and though this sounds like something from a literature essay, it is what is not there that speaks volumes. He doesn’t clutter the track with anything that is not needed and made something truly original…despite it being a cover.


The Horrors- Still Life

The Horror’s latest album Skying brought these boys into the mainstream and Still Life is the highlight of the album. For me it brought around thoughts of The Cure and Echo & The Bunnymen, a hauntingly beautiful track.


Calvin Harris- Feel So Close

Calvin Harris was responsible for one of the biggest hits of the year, Rihanna’s We Found Love. Before this though was Feel So Close, a fun upbeat dance track that is classic Calvin Harris.


Blood Orange- Sutphin Boulevard

This track from Blood Orange is too cool for school. That baseline riff, the Japanese vocals and those silky smooth vocals…seriously, don’t read this just listen. 


Foster The People- Call It What You Want

Anyone who has ever read this blog before knows I am a big champion of Foster The People. Having followed them from playing to a room of 60 max to seeing them pack the John Peel tent at this years Glastonbury, I have to say its been a helluva journey. I didn’t really appreciate Call It What You Want when I first heard it, but man that breakdown…It changed my mind.


Bombay Bicycle Club- Lights Out, Words Gone

This is beautiful. A slow and steady study in how to make a song, Bombay Bicycle Club got it right with Lights Out, Words Gone and then repeated that with Shuffle.


The Antlers- Rolled Together

After the massive critical acclaim that The Antlers received from their 2009 studio debut Hospice, they had to do something really special with the follow up Burst Apart. They did. They didn’t replicate Hospice but showed their evolution and their influences. Rolled Together is incredibly soulful and lopes along so nicely it will chill you out no end.


Slow Club- You, Earth or Ash

Another boy/girl duo, Slow Club released new album Paradise this year to much critical acclaim. You, Earth or Ash is a quiet song that pays off with that near hip hop beat. 


The Head and The Heart- Down In The Valley

Seattle’s The Head and The Heart won me completely over with Down In The Valley, a beautiful folk track from this band. It’s been great to seem them go from strength to strength this year, and 2012 shouldn’t be any different.


Katy Perry- Last Friday Night

Whatever, I regret nothing. Katy Perry’s dedication to partying on a Friday night cannot help but get you excited for what’s to come. Don’t hate, have fun.


DyE- Fantasy

Its the video that got me, watch it but warning NSFW. Luckily DyE have the musical stones to back it up with this synth happy electro pop joint.


Jay Z & Kanye West- No Church In The Wild ft. Frank Ocean

Some heralded Watch The Throne as an instant classic, others felt underwhelmed from theses two hip hop heavy weights. I was in the latter camp, yeah its good but I feel like it could have been so much greater. This was a toss up between No Church In The Wild and That’s My Bitch, but the thing with That’s My Bitch is that the hook doesn’t match the verse so for that reason No Church In The Wild is my pick from the album, and with that opening bassline how could you disagree.


Hoodie Allen- James Franco

I cannot wait for Hoodie Allen to make it big. Fun lyrics, clever wordplay and great beats give Hoodie everything he needs to make it. James Franco is the embodiment of all this and the video is hella fun too.




Remix Baby: 2011 (RAC Remix)

I know, I know…I haven’t been around that much lately, lets blame the festive season and fuzzy heads. Hopefully I’m back now and in the next coming weeks I’ll be throwing in my best of 2011, what I’m looking forward to in 2012 and just good freaking music, as always.

Lets start this off right though with RAC’s 2011 remix. Every year Hype Machine put together their zeitgeist ish of the year (songs, albums, artists and what have you) and they also get some lovely people to mash up all these things together in a downloadable remix session. This year they’ve got Odd Future, The Go! Team, Jensen Sportag and RAC doing wondeful remixes. I’m staying loyal to one of my favourite remix artists out there RAC and throwing their amazing 2011 Music Blog Zeitgeist Mix up.

 Starting off with Phantogram's amazing Don’t Move it moves seamlessly through all the greats of the year with Theophilus London, M83, Toro Y Moi, Neon Indian, Justice, Lykke Li, Sunday Girl, The Rapture and Foster The People to name a few. Happy 2011…Bring on 2012. 

RAC vs The Hype Machine - 2011 Music Blog Zeitgeist Mix by hypem

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How To Make it In America Mixtape: Volume Two

So I’m hooked on HBO’s How To Make It In America, its like Entourage but set in New York City and I actually like these guys, its a cool show so watch it. What is also super cool about it is its music selection. Music Supervisor Scott Vener (who also did Entourage and CW’s 90210) is so on point on his music selection its like he’s reading my mind. All the best up and coming blog favourites of the last year have been featured alongside old favourites too such as Theophilus London, Phantogram, The Rolling Stones, Quantic, Eric B & Rakim, Thievery Corporation, Joy Formidable, Waka Flocka Flame, Blue Oyster Cult and many many more. 

Scott Vener (Broke Mogul) has put out a mixtape for the show with Mick Boogie and it is great featuring Future Islands, Theophilus London, Joy Formidable, Little Dragon, M83, Avicii, Summer Camp amongst many others. Stream it below and download it here.

The Mixtape: Volume 2 by HowToMakeItInAmerica

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